Sunday, January 9, 2011

Such a beautiful privilege, Colossians 3:23 Please Register!!!

Working with the amazing girls (moms & daughters) that I work with and who attend is such a privilege. Over Christmas break it turned out that that was a time where lots of work needed to be completed for! Namely the website, but also over 1000 press releases, website training, our "Steering" handbook had to be completed, and we are preparing for the Gathering next Sunday! Of course, I did not plan that much work during a vacation period, but it happened that way, and some of the girls/moms just jumped in and made the Colossians 3:23 verse just come alive for me. Now of course, we all try to work heartily as unto the Lord, however sometimes our schedules get int the way. Seeing so many mother daughter pairs (Kathleen & Bri, Melissa & MacKenzie, Nancy & Allison, Marta & Tabitha, shown above) and my sweet girl: Hannah just jump in with a cheerful heart.... inspired me. I could see in their countenance just that spirit of enthusiasm for working heartily...even though the work was not glamorous, at all! So, thanks girls for inspiring me!

Sunday, January 16:
Our speaker is Shelene Bryan, founder of and a Hollywood Movie Producer (See Movie Clip, from recently released movie-try not to cry, with decidedly Christian Worldview: Like Dandelion Dust) and truly the kind of Christian example we want our daughters to see & be inspired by! She has the kind of faith that I find truly inspiring because she is going out into the world and using her talents to the Glory of the Lord, AND because she gives the credit to him for her success' knowing that they come straight from God, and HIM alone.

I hope you will register, and if you are in the area, attend and be inspired, energized and blessed!
Registrate Please, TODAY!
God bless you!

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