I was asked recently what words describe Sunset and Magnolia. The best one I think is storyteller. As an interior designer, I tell the story of the people who inhabit the house. The ability to take the pieces, collaborate, and design a home which brings life to all who enter is the essence of Sunset and Magnolia. Fresh, classic, and fun also embody the spirit of Sunset and Magnolia. Just as we the tell the story of the people, the family, in the homes we design, our new crest tells the story of Sunset and Magnolia.

Here is that story.

Sunset and Magnolia is the somewhat new name, for my interior design studio. It was inspired by a trip to the Smithsonian Institute, in Washington DC. While researching for an article for Silver Magazine, I discovered that many of my Grandfather and Great Grandfathers original sketches were available to view in the American Archives, but only if you came in person. I made airline reservations without delay, and soon arrived in DC for the distinct privilege of getting to peruse several portfolio's of original sketches and designs of both my grandfathers, and a few uncles, as well.

As I was pouring through these treasures, I discovered my Great Grandfather Porter Blanchard's original stationary with a sketch of his spanish style studio in Burbank and the address' of his studio and showroom underneath. His studio was where he designed and manufactured on Magnolia Street in Burbank and his showroom, where he displayed his treasures and worked with customers, was on Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles, actually where ChinChin is now, near LaCienega.

Our new logo, which is just about to be released tells the story of Sunset and Magnolia, strictly with images. The silver pitcher is a signature piece of Porter Blanchard's that represents the best of his style. Simple, elegant, sparkling and timeless his silver looks stunning in any environment. The fork and spoon, the design of my grandfather, Allan Adler, is a classic. They signify to me the coming together of colleagues, strangers, friends sharing a meal, conversation and time. This special time of connecting at the table has the ability to turn strangers into friends. In the most beautiful light of the meaning of Hospitality, originating with the Benedictine Monks, this time together weaves the threads of friendship that can never be broken. This is the stage that Sunset and Magnolia sets. This is the heart of the Sunset and Magnolia design business; connection, friendship and love.

The stunning Moroccan plate represents the influence the designers time in France, Spain and Morocco had on her. Studying french and fashion design in Paris, and living in Southern Spain (traveling extensively through Portugal, Spain, Morocco and France) etched the beauty and spirit of the people, places and design in Roxanne's mind and heart. Living abroad as a newly married couple, it gave unique strength to us as a couple, giving me a strength and a heart for designing. As unique and beautiful as every hand painted piece of pottery is to its region of origin, each love story has a charm and flavor all its own. Because the plate also represents sitting down to the table to connect in meaningful ways, it was chosen as the front and center of the logo.

The most important element of the logo is the whales. You can find the long version of healing and awe on the blog, but in essence the whale reminds me of God hearing my prayers. The whale is the biggest animal in the world, majestic and awesome in it's power and ability. The story of my precious family, together on a boat, with me praying for a whale to come closer one on the port side, one on starboard and God hearing my prayer bringing the whales to us, one on port and one on starboard is one that will stay in my heart, mind and spirit forever. It also symbolizes the importance of the strength of a loving family. I'm very grateful to my parents for giving me a loving upbringing, teaching me how to do the same with my children.

The book images are two books I authored, one with my precious daughter, called Inspired Design. It is a hospitality book designed to inspire others through it's beautiful photographs and simple ideas. The other book was called "Shopping in Spain and Portugal". The proceeds for both books were given to charity's for children.

The flowers and herbs symbolize grace.

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