Family Home

Possibly like you, there is nothing I love more than having my family and friends at my home. I love having my kids bring their friends over to hang out, have a bonfire, barbeque or whatever. Any excuse for my husband and kids to have people over they take, and then some. Just as I loved my home growing up as well as both of my grandparents’ homes immensely, I realize now how different they each were from each other! Thankfully, the home where I have raised my family, which currently includes one exchange student from China, is my favorite home of all! I love our home because it houses the memories, as well as some of my favorite people.

Twenty three years ago, newly married, we were stationed overseas in Southern Spain, where I set up our first real home. I learned quickly how to do things on a very tight, if virtually non-
existent budget! My husband was in the military and I wasn't allowed a work visa, so I had to become creative in making our house a home. I will share thes creative tips with you as I show you the favorite parts of my home, my clients’ homes and a variety of other inspiring home design ideas, both extraordinary and most very cost effective.

I love love love the home, designing it, being in it, cooking in it and everything related to it. I hope you will enjoy this beautiful new design blog and all the ideas that will flow from here directly into your heart and home.
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