Saturday, February 8, 2014

How can you be a Christian...when Christians can be so....mean?

Funny title, but read on as I begin 2014 with my biggest passion!
(to be honest the Olympics is on TV and my boys have been watching for a few hours now) I have a fun calendar of topics to post for the newly designed blog, but a few details first!
I'll get to the fun new calendar of topics to begin in early March, but first things first. is up and  I just love what the blog designer did. The name: Sunset and Magnolia was inspired during a trip I took with my mom to Washington DC.  I was doing research for an article for Silver Magazine and discovered the American Archives at the Smithsonian had original sketches by Grandpa Allan (Adler)/Great-Grandpa Porter (Blanchard) that were  accessible only in person. These documents were fascinating. Among the  original sketches by both my grandfathers,  I found brochures on their individual business and craft philosophy and the address' which were on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood and Magnolia Blvd in Burbank. Thus the namesake. 

First things first...

There is so much of that I want to share, but don't want to skip ahead of the plan.
I have a plan to share a few really important elements of my mission, before I move deep into design.

 Ultimately inspired by the greatest designer of them all (God, of course) I can't separate any of my design and entrepreneur passions from my deeply held passions for living a life faithful to the Lord, my savior, whose grace, love and mercy is my true reason for being!

I am often asked (often by liberal and/or college friends, whom I love and adore) how can I be a Christian when there are so many mean Christians? 

Well, I don't follow other Christians, I follow Christ.
I am a Christ-follower, more than I am a Christian, per se.
It's not that I am a Christ-follower, in spite of other Christians.
Nor is it that I am a Christian because of other Christians.
It's that I am simply a Christ follower because it is Christ that I follow.

 I hear the thoughtless,  mean spirited comments by other "Christians" and I cringe.

 I have even been treated callously (my most kind description) by "a Christian".  
My non-Christian friends might comment, "'s that behavior/hypocracy that keeps me from being a Christian, I just don't understand it! I don't want to be like that!"
 Neither do I, by the way.  
My Christian friends would say, "Well, they cannot/are not a Christian because anyone filled with the true heart of Jesus could truly not act with such apathy when the heart of Jesus was love.

You know what, I am a Christ follower because I follow Christ.
Not in-spite-of other Christians.
Not because of other Christians.
It's because I believe to the depths of my soul that Christ died for my sins.
The love of Christ, His Grace, His Mercy, His Love...
is what it is all about.

I love Scott.
I love my Hannah & Justin! (and Luc and my my parents, sister etc...)
I am passionate about design.
I am passionate about serving.
I am passionate about entrepreneurship, business and!

I live for Christ. 
There are many exciting things I want to share with you, 
but of them all...
It needs to start with this...
I live for Christ. I want His love, His grace, His live within me.

Enjoy the sneakity peak at the cottage...
I spent such fun time with some dear old (longtime friends) and my precious girl (!) and family!
That blog will be done next week.
(Studying Philippians and being so inspired)
With much love,

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