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Inspired Healing

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In WHOA magazine, I write a column called "Fresh Finds" for home design. But in the last issue I began a 3 part series on healing. Since we are the creators of the environment of our home I thought it apropos.  In that article I promised to give  all kinds of details via this blog where I have a little more room for photos, resources and details. Here is the timeline and overview. I will be doing separate blogs on some of these as there are so many important details for each.

 Healing & Inspiring Healing!

 I am enrolled in a Naturopath program online (with a Christian perspective)  to get my ND. Because healing through modalities, created by God, supported by scripture has become my passion in the last three years, I wanted to be very educated in the vernacular. (I don't intend on practicing but perhaps incorporating into home design)

It began with clearing my house from toxins in hopes that the symptoms from ADD for my son could alleviated.  Since we opted for no medications,  I began to delve into  treatments (with supported documentation for success) for  the concentration issues. After the toxins (shampoo, shaving creams, after shave, make up, toothpaste, soap, laundry & dishwasher soap with any of the bad ingredients) were removed I perceived  improvement, with less irritability and more calm.

Then came organic foods only.
Then only grass fed meats, free range eggs, etc...
Then no grains, no dairy, no soy, no sugar (this is clearly for my issues not all in general)
Learning to cook with no grains, no dairy, making all my own salad dressings, sauces, peanut butter,  etc...(thus all the cookbooks)

I began reading healing testimony's of therapeutic grade essential oils. I bought almost a thousand dollars worth (ugh!) of oils from five sources, including whole foods. I actually began to dream about oils before they began to work. I asked my favorite mentor (well, one of) Cornelia about what she used, as she is a naturopath and has been using them for over 20 years. I wasn't having any success with the oils I had purchased. She told me about Young Living, which is the brand I now use, because I had relief from a variety of things with these oils. I ended up throwing away all of those initial oils that I had purchased because of quality and safety issues, but only after trying them all and having no symptom relief with them. (I only use YL because after the research, I don't feel comfortable taking anything by mouth except this quality. Details in another blog)

Discovering the oils healing power, led me to how to apply them. Both where on the body (corresponding to ancient Chinese acupuncture spots) to apply different oils to help aid healing and with prayer (annointing).

Which led me to discover the fascinating healing (from ancient Chinese healing dating thousands of years back to Indian to Native American to Biblical/Scriptural) modalities that correspond to the body part that is ailing and why. I discovered a Christian therapist that developed prayer over the ailing body part, which combined with prayer, oils and western medicine can provide very powerful healing.

Which led me to find Healing Oils of the Bible, by Dr. David Stewart (medical doctor), and Chemistry of Essential Oils, as well. Did you know that essential oils are mentioned 600 times in scripture? This is what we'll partially cover this Sunday at our Inspired Healing, special 4 hour healing time.

This led me to the "Raindrop Massage", a type of therapeutic massage using the feathering technique discovered by the Lakota Indians. Gary Young (founder of Young Living Essential Oils) took the training he received by the Lakota and turned it into the now 20+ year old Raindrop Massage. There are 11 oils used (must be YL Brand to be a Raindrop Massage) down the spine in a feathering technique.

I then discovered the importance of vitamin deficiencies with my own autoimmune issues, but through one of the classes on Orthomolecular Medicine. It is fascinating what a simple deficiency in vitamin D, for example, will do to your immune system. For me selenium was crucial to getting my thyroid to begin to work again.

Which leads me to the last year... has been filled with MRI's for me, for two findings in my brain. Justin also had an MRI for something else.  My daughters concussion while in college, prompted several types of therapy's, MRI's with and without contrast. We had multiple trips to UCLA, USC, naturopath's, chiropractors, acupuncturists, endocrinologists, brain surgeon's, neurologists and more.  Thankfully, healing is/has occurred and we are on the road upward. I realize and pray daily in gratitude, to our Lord for HIS healing power. It all comes from HIM.

I found an endocrinologist that listened to me, changed my meds from synthroid (has gluten, sugar and dairy in it) to two gluten-free meds. BTW with Hashimoto's disease (an autoimmune disease that CAN be put into remission according to some of the books listed, by diet)  but GLUTEN free is always part of the diet, no matter the author, that is consensus.

My dear friend took me to a fundraiser for The Healing Rooms, where I was prayed for my migraines. I was healed of migraines. I went to the healing room for the finding in my brain as well. I would never underestimate the healing power of God. I believe all healing comes from God's hand. The oils, the raindrop massage, taking out the chemicals from your home and from your body so that the good stuff gets in and goes deeper into your very cells.

I went to a conference called "Healing the Brain", which was fascinating. The USC educated Doctor (book pictured) used to run the Ventura Healing Room and the conference was fascinating and very healing.

I pray with a group of women/men from Hidden Manna. I discovered them when seeking healing from something I didn't even know I was needing release and healing from. They use discerning, deep soaking, in silence, with music then scripture. I now am part of that healing ministry. It is life changing and healing for emotional/spiritiual issues. I highly recommend that type of deep prayer as well. They write a fabulous bible study (that we are working on updating now) called PRAYER BOOTCAMP, on how to hear (really hear) from God. It's fabulous!

I bought and use an infrared sauna, fabulous for detoxing which happens from deep (lots of) sweating. It's especially helpful for metal detoxing.

I am including photographs of the books I have used, because so many of you guys and my friends wanted the resources. These are ONLY the ones I reference on a daily or weekly basis. I have more that I will add in another post.

Lastly, my dear friend Lori (one of my best friends from USC) Inspires me with her journey! (Living with cancer is part of what inspires me about her, but she is inspiring and always has been)
CLICK HERE: Inspiring!

This is getting so long I'll have to add the rest perhaps tomorrow. Lots of Love,

Our Last's Topic is Inspired Healing. You can check out the details on our Facebook page if you are interested. It is Sunday February 7th at 2:30. We have a Cookbook Author, flying out from the East Coast as our featured speaker. We are featuring a mini Healing Oils of the Bible class, two healing testimony's by our teenagers and friends. (Feb 13th will be an in-depth study of Healing Oils of the Bible) Details available at our event on the 7th.

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