Friday, March 27, 2015

Lilac and Lemons

Happy Spring!
I'm sharing a fabulous new find! 
My dear friend Amy (and her business partner Karen) has launched her new party planning (and more!) business...

Lilac and Lemons

 I snapped these pics, with my phone, at various gatherings at her house and they are just a snippet of the fabulousness she can do. She sets a spectacular table. Click over to the website to see what else they do, as they are seriously fabulous. They will wrap gifts for you creating a beautiful presentation. 

She approaches her tabletop design with great imagination, an eye for style and skillful use of color. Though she has a love of tabletop that gives mine a run for my money, her patience with every detail sets her apart from the rest. 

 Amy's kind and gracious spirit are my favorite part of her skill set (and of course one of the reasons  I adore my sweet friend!).  I've known her since we moved to town over 18 years ago, as our husbands began to ride bikes together about that time.  She doesn't take over, but comes alongside with brilliant, colorful ideas and turns it into a truly memorable event. She hosted my book launch, years ago, and to date it is one of my most favorite memories ever. There will never be words to describe how thankful I am that she did that for me, nor how thankful I am that she is my dear friend!

My favorite part about at one of Amy's gatherings, is they can be small or large, but she makes you feel truly welcome and special! She will often put little quotes on your place setting with a name card, on some fabulous little item. Recently, she did a gorgeous red table with hearts on it and gave us all little bibles with a handmade cover that she did herself! 

I'm going to think of some event soon, so she and Karen can plan it....let's see...what should I do?

Have a beautiful Friday!

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