Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sneakity Peak Los Olivos House

Hello Inspired Gals,
I am so excited to show you this sneakity peak of the Los Olivos House, which is ready to be rented! Woo Hoo!
It's been lots of work and with the help of my awesome mom, we put many of the finishing touches on and had the lovely Lulu do the photographs!
After the next Inspired event all my time is going to be on this art & design project, which is what makes my heart beat fast, as I so love designing. I have missed it with all of the events we have put on for Inspired lately! ( website up in 3 weeks)

This little house is going to be used for retreats and getaway weekends.
I'll post more pics later, but I actually need help with something..
Yes help...

We cannot think up a name for the cottage!
Here are some, but we are stuck...thoughts?

The Inspiration Cottage
Pomegranate Cottage
The Los Olivos Cottage (plain?)
Vineyard Vines Cottage 
(It is in wine country and I like the symbolism)

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