Friday, January 7, 2011

Beautiful: Through God's Eyes

Beautiful Things: Through Whose Eyes Do You See?
The whole idea of beautiful things, especially in the home, is what I have spent my adult life creating & studying! Celebrating the kind things people do, the beautiful table a friend sets, a delicious meal prepared, an encouraging word from a friend, a kind gesture done by my children (the best!!), and a Phil 4:8 type spirit: that inspires me! Of course, the beautiful living room, stunning kitchen, exquisite fabrics and works of art that move your spirit are among those things, but more often than not that is secondary to whose homes we think are beautiful, and want to spend time in.

This beauty, of which I speak is subjective. Very subjective.

For example: the photograph above, that my daughter has displayed at school, may be loved, or may be thought of as a strange picture of rope with blurry spots. I, shockingly, think it is exquisite! However, I am honest to admit that I think most of what my daughter does is exquisite, and I pretty much tell her that every hour on the hour. (To which I get these darling eyerolls and this "MOOOOMMMMM" in this really dramatic tone!) I realized this in Mammoth, when my Dad, Scott, Hannah and I were looking at pictures to select for Hannah's photography project for her class. We all thought different pictures were beautiful. Scott likes distance shots of scenery, as does my dad. Hannah and I tend to like close-ups with beautiful lighting, or an unusual angel. We hysterically were arguing the merits of each, as my family does! (Don't all families? Ok, don't answer that!)

It made me think. How I see others is through my eyes. I hope that my eyes are like the eyes of God, always trying to see the best in people. That is what I strive for, falling short, and catching myself is what I pray for. Knowing that those struggling might be grumpy, so I can be patient. Knowing that those who wish their circumstances were different, might be critical. Remembering that those who point out only the bad, or flaws in something, might be barely hanging on. My biggest pet peave, probably yours too, is gossip, which becomes the lens, or eyes through which one sees life. Once I heard it explained to me by a wise "older" woman that when one labels another "______" (fill in the blank) we then unconsciously find that trait when we are with that person. Say, talkative, for example. We then forget the 9X the person is quiet, and really notice that 1X when the person can't shut up! :)

To be around faithful Philippians 4:8 women, is the best lens cleaner I know! (We all mess up-I have a list a mile long) I heard it said once that gossip is Satan's tool to discourage. Ugh, I never want to be Satan's tool!

Here is to beautiful Speech, beautiful eyes and a beautiful lens through which to see. God's eyes! Romans 16:17-19
Psalm 19:14

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