Sunday, December 19, 2010

Beautiful Things: Philippians 4:8

Philippians 4:8
Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable-if anything is excellent or praiseworthy-think about such things.

It has been so much fun to share ideas about faith, in our real lives; being in the world and not of it! I love that so many of you respond, and I am so encouraged by your enthusiasm, as we walk this journey together! (You can go to the blogspot, and hit comment, or reply to email) Clearly even when our journeys are different, there are similar themes that touch us all. One that seems to have struck a cord with so many of you is the way we chose to think about our lives and the ways we chose to walk out that life! Sometimes it is not as much what happens to us, as how we choose to let it affect us, or our thoughts.

Philippians 4:8 is an amazing filter for our thought life. I discovered its transforming power when Justin (now 14) was about 3 months old and I began to suffer from anxiety. Long story short (NOT my talent or gifting) I recovered quickly because I dove into tons of books written soley on the subject of Phil 4:8. I began with a (non-Christian) book that taught you to turn your thoughts around, with a bunch of silly concepts, however the bones of the book were excellent. I then, decided, I couldn't sink my teeth into a concept that wasn't from scripture, so I searched Christian books and Scripture for the closest I could find, then filled in the gaps with my own take on turning your thoughts around.

So, if we choose to seek what is: true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent or praiseworthy in every situation, conversation, relationship, work or school issue, etc... we almost never get into a battle of the will (pride), and almost always can put ourselves last. When applying Phil 4:8 to people, it allows us to look lovingly to our loved one/friend as a creation of God, by HIM. When applying to health, it causes us to emphasize the positive. When applying it to life in general, we begin to look at everything as half full, not half empty. It is always the same glass of water, half full or half empty, but the way we think of it changes it tremendously.

I choose to focus my non family time on focusing on what is lovely (and often beautiful), especially in the home. My dear friend Joy recently returned home from visiting her precious mother, Ernestine, in the hospital after a cancer surgery. By the way Ernestine is a lesson in the Phil 4:8 power of seeing joy/God's peace in even seemingly dark moments, perhaps that will be it's own post one day soon! Joy said upon returning home to her beautiful and warm home (which I helped her to decorate) , where her husband had turned the fireplace on and Christmas lights, as well, she felt warm, enveloped and loved. I love that her LOVELY home encouraged her upon entry, after a very emotional and draining day. She has that calming effect on me, and I was so thankful a little designing could have that effect on her! Friendship & lovely things; what excellent things to think on! Merry Christmas & Happy Thinking!

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Friday, December 17, 2010

Philippians 4:8 Way to Think

Philippians 4:8
Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable-if anything is excellent or praiseworthy-think about such things.

Inspired 31's Cornerstone verse is Phil 4:8! Inspired 31 encourages our young women to use that verse as a "filter" for life/thoughts about life.

At our Inspired 31 Christmas Dinner as we went around and shared how God was doing an amazing work with Inspired, we shared specifically what we each were learning, and how God is at work stretching us! The various responses ranged from (God seemingly) supernaturally creating time, where there literally wasn't any... in some of the homeschooling moms schedule's, stepping out of our comfort zone, as moms thus modeling for our girls doing what we are sometimes uncomfortable or embarrassed to do. A few others were amazing surprises at how our giftings are being used, God answering specific prayers to step out in faith, and how Inspired 31 provided that opportunity, & lastly our unanimous agreement on how powerful Phil 4:8 is to women.

Because the Inspired 31 steering women are cheerful & encouraging & positive during our gatherings, and so truly gifted (oh through trials, not in pride) :) at practicing the point of view of Phil 4:8, we wanted to make sure we were clear that that is something we have learned, through the trials of life. We decided as a group that as my next blog entry I would share that it is through difficulty we learned that looking for the true, pure and excellent and praiseworthy aspects were what got us through our various different trials. We wanted to make sure you and your girls knew, that although our lives aren't all pure joy, we look with pure faith to our God to turn it into pure joy, and use everything to HIS good. (Of course, you know, but it's always good to communicate that :)

Life, here on earth, can be messy and complicated. I think this is what makes our relationship with God, specifically Christ, essential for joy. Joy in trials is something we Christians thoroughly understand, but only after a trial. There is joy in the peace that surpasses ALL understanding, not because we understand it, but because it is offered to us as a gift. It is in the not knowing the details necessarily, but in the knowing that God is in control and someday we will know fully, what we only know in part, here on earth. Even in our small steering committee discussion there was discussion of what had been overcome through our God! (Rape, Death-Loss of Beloved Ones, Illness, Disappointment, Rejection, Lack of Relationship (with parents, children, or beloved friends), Divorce, Financial Woes, Mean Kids, Child raising Issues, Drugs, Unforgiveness, Bitterness, Depression, Anxiety and more)

WE cannot overcome these earthly-life trials on our own. We overcome, because God is victorious over evil/Satan, always, as is promised in God's word. Through diligent prayer & reading of the bible God molds our character, with time. As in any relationship with no time put in....there is no REAL relationship. Relationship is authentic, and comes from time, both quality and quantity. (Godly council is crucial-when necessary-and following it as well!)

Our cornerstone verse Phil 4:8 is the cornerstone to what we are teaching our young women: Life is not perfect, but through your relationship with Christ and focusing on your blessings you will indeed survive, thrive and hopefully be instrumental in a younger believers journey to do the same.

My hope for your this Christmas Season is that you are thinking what is: true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent or praiseworthy!

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Today/Wednesday: ....Another Hour of Shopping? Come by for an hour...literally!

Ok this will be my shortest blog ever!

I have had about 10 of my wonderful boutique goers inquire about what is left! Well, lots of goodies. So, some will be coming by Wednesday at 1:00 for an hour or so (til 2:30ish)! So, come on by and bring any friends again!

Perhaps I will see you then!

Oh, and thank you girls so much. We raised a very great amount to Inspired 31, which is crucial to the ministry continuing :)

God Bless,
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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Boutique: Dec 7th 11am-3pm, or by apt.

I'm so tired from putting all the almost-finishing touches on our Christmas Boutique that this is going to be short. Judy just went home, exhausted, because we have been putting all kinds of love, and attention, on the items that will be for sale on Tuesday.

All proceeds go to Inspired Design, so prices are not negotiable, but they are so inexpensive, I can't imagine you'd even ask :)! (except for the large furniture) Please bring exact change for cash, or check, but no credit cards!The items include new & old, antique goods. The new items consist of candles($10-$20), soaps, fragrant potpourri($12-$18), tiles with quotes and scripture on them ($20), "Chicken Marbella" Silver Palette Cookbook, with ingredients, and white french ceramic baking dish....
lamps $20, beautiful twin headboard and footboard $200, lampshades all $40, which is less than the labor we PAY for....

Antique items include many pieces from my buying trip from france! From antique pickle jars small ($75), large ($100), pharmacy jars $175 for pair, pair of antique, french, white chairs: with Lee Jofa Fabric ($1200 pair/a steel), chairs $200-$500), end tables $200-$1200! Federalist style mirror which was $3 or $4,000ish new, for $600, iron chandalier $400 and so much more.

A "garage sale" room with mostly $20 items! Including a treadmill and homeschool books, and lots of Christmas ornaments, decorations from when my home was on the Camarillo Home Tour and I overbought Christmas decor.

Beautiful NEW, and sample, table linens all sets $40! Some 16 piece sets....
Tableware sets for amazing prices.....

Scones, tea and Christmas music, roaring fireplace & Friends! (In my family room, away from the sale)

We know it will be really busy as our responses have been wonderful! If you are looking for something particular, let me know :) via email!

Looking so forward to seeing you!
Roxanne and Judy!

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Celebrating: Family Design!

Wow, I am still on an emotional high from the amazing night, at Bausman (Recently featured on Housewives of Beverly Hills-ugh), in Los Angeles, a spectacular bench-made(made by one craftsman from start to finish, no factory lines) furniture company, made locally in Ontario! The people there (Wendy Kneedler & Derik Schmidt, photographed) are the most amazing showroom people! Bausman is the ultimate in fine product & customer service, but I digress.....(shockingly)! Danny had some pieces he had just made. I think what makes him so incredible is his humility, just like my Grandpa Allan. Oh, Grandpa how we all miss you. You were so loved.

Having my stunningly talented mom Linda, who did PR & Marketing for Allan Adler/Sunset Strip Shop in it's heydey, my daughter, Hannah, my cousin Danny and his lovely wife Diana there was the most amazing part of the evening. Danny, trained by my Grandpa Allan, and having recently purchased the family business, and his adorably kind wife Diana now handling the PR & marketing of Allan Adler Design. We had fun with the crowns my Grandpa Crafted for the very 1st Miss. America and Miss. Universe, in 1953. Some of the pieces photographed on this spectacular Bausman table will be featured at LACMA, for the California Craftsman exhibit!

Not only was our design-obsessed family in our element, but we were surrounded by other designers, writers and experts who appreciate the captivating spiritual aspect of beautiful design. The editor and publisher of CALIFORNIA HOMES magazine (who have published stories on our family design, both of my Grandpa Allan, and a home my sister, mom and I designed for my parents in Mammoth) were there and such a lovely mother-daughter team, family design-yea! They are working on some amazing things for the upcoming year, including a special tribute to craftsman from California. A wonderfully passionate man from the beautiful showroom Kneedler-Faucher, Rocky!, speaking of the trend towards handmade, artisan crafted furniture and accessories as our country moves towards embracing family, friends and gathering at home, after a horrific economy begins to recover.

Although we don't have a perfect family-does anyone? We love to celebrate what God has given to us, our gifts. What a blessing my daughter was there to sing books, meet amazing design people and just...celebrate: design, friends & life!

Favorite Quote: After moving west to California in 1923, Great-Grandpa Blanchard was instrumental in founding the Arts and Crafts Society of Southern California. Porter’s philosophy was simple. He defined craft as “that thing in industry which is good and beautiful and worth doing for its own sake as well as the money made from it.” He said that a craftsman was “a man who has been trained in the practice of some craft with a ‘home influence’ of love, honor, and respect.” His favorite expression, “With my hands alone,” showed the pride he took in his work.

Note: You can comment on these! You also can hit the envelope at the end of the actual blog, to forward to friends who might be-inspired! Blessings To You!
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