Sunday, October 18, 2015

A Journey With Lyme

Happy October! It's been quite a while since my regular posts, you'll see why as you read the following article. This article is from WHOA magazine, based in Mississippi that I write the Home Design Articles for. I have been writing for Whoa for about 4 years. I am feeling better as I write this today, while on antibiotics for several months. I'm beating this (LYME)! I'm writing a follow up article on Lyme with what has been successful for me, the latest research and several opinions on the controversy surrounding the testing, treatment and most especially the diagnosis. I'm sorry it might be hard to read. Uploading to this blog is very difficult with a high resolution image, so reduced it's harder to read. If you subscribe to the blog, the emails are easier to read! 
Blessings to you! Roxanne

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