Saturday, January 1, 2011

Beautiful Moments In Our Homes

Happy New Year!
I couldn't have started of 2011 with a cuter picture, do you think? This is my precious nephew, Baby Charlie. He is so darling, and wow what a sweet disposition he has as well. His parents Eliot & Michele (My sister) are turning out to be (as expected) wonderful, patient, and loving parents.

As I begin to ponder 2011 and all of the exciting things ahead: Hannah looking into colleges, Justin into High School, Inspired 31 and the launch of our new website on thursday I begin to think about all the Beautiful Moments of 2010!
I am so grateful, first of all, for all of you! You are such a special part of Hannah and my year. We launched our book, Inspired Design, but the moments I am most thankful for regarding the book are the new relationships that have formed. New friendships with lovely people who bought the book, continued friendships with friends who came alongside us to cheer us on, and the amazing (God-breathed) ministry that grew up along side! Inspired 31 has become it's own unique and blessing-filled ministry of it's own: to encourage young women & ladies, alike to find & celebrate your God-given gifting in this life, here on earth. What a priviledge it has been to bond with new and old friends alike to walk this journey.
As we step into 2011, My wish for you is for your home to open to others, and bless those who come inside. My wish, for us all, is to remember those who aren't included, the forgotten, the invisible. Sometimes they are right along side us, and we miss the moments. My prayer for us all is to look around and invite others into our homes to be blessed. Have more people to dinner. Spoil more people. Like James Taylor says, "To Shower the ones you love with love, show them the way that you feel." Make lists of people you want to bless, or that God might want you to bless for HIM.
My posts this year, will be devoted to Beautiful things: Inside the Home. It will be specifically ideas to bless others, by using the home that God blessed you with. It is what HE GIVES us those homes for! Beautiful things: Beautiful Moments, Inside Your Home! If you have pictures of something special you did, or was done for you in the form of lunch, dinner, etc.. sweet goodies given etc...please email them to me, as I'd love to post YOUR inspiring designs!
May God richly bless you this year!

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