Monday, March 25, 2013

Before and After Front Door

Hello Precious Inspired Readers,
So many inspiring things going on lately, I haven't kept up with posting very well. I've been deep in thought, prayer, discerning between things and enjoying my family! These before and after articulates so well what I have been thinking about. I'll close with the thoughts of my 16 year old son who shared with me some thoughts before he went to bed. (Happy Mom)

I'll be able to articulate more clearly in a few weeks, but I'd love to hear your guess', as this all relates to the new book I have begun to work on.  (Guess the title) I know some of you don't know how to comment on blogger, I'm trying to figure out easier ways to comment, so I can hear your thoughts...

So, I run a ministry.
My husband says it makes me a......
Minister....NO!!! But, it challenged me that I do minister to people, more than tasks or duties, I hear from people every day.
I am....
Inarticulate at times,
 "Skinny Fat" to my dismay (I'll explain later, from Chapter 4 in Lioness Arising).
Focused on ONE,
THE ONE: I serve,
Pleasing to Him, may I be,
Attentive to those I serve with,
Pleasing to one.

Phone off,
Off Facebook,
Walking forward,
Cleaning Out,
Too busy,

Here is the Los Olivos Cottage (Thanks for the help with the name) and the before and after pictures of the front door. There is so much symbolism, I'll let you apply it...I will just walk you through my thoughts, and where I'm going, for now, with the book....(Can you follow?)

The First picture~to the Last:
~The house upon purchase. 100 Shades of mismatched color, style and hodge podge. Messy, unclean, cobwebs, piles of birds nests that have lodged in...Visible peeling paint, exposed wood, from unprotected wood getting soaked in rain....Ugly yellow pots.
~ Little objects around that detract from the beauty. Looks better with even those things gone.
~Paint scraped, damage exposed. More extensive damage: dry rot. Every corner, every piece of wood: ripped off and exposed. Damage very deep, call to us, ripped off more: Need to go deeper: heading into the foundation. Owners hadn't tended to paint for over 10 years. Damage had seeped inside into the hardwood floors: warped, damaged. Final verdict: Front door had to be replaced. Siding couldn't be matched.....Even the insulation failed after too many years...
Pieces back together (skipped a few shots, need to find) but process of finding and replacing exactly what needed to be replaced, lengthy.
~Pruning of Branches of a neglected tree. Beautiful huge, old tree whose branches broke from being to heavy to bear itself...
~The new door, painted with several coats to protect it from the elements. A red tag indicating the premise had been fumigated to get to all the places that were damaged that we couldn't see and that even the specialists couldn't find.
~The new awning, though it looks stunning, was designed and built to lead the damaging elements away from the door, as much as possible, bearing in mind the possibilities for flaw in this architectural design, that included no overhang....
~A crown on the newly pruned tree, almost in blossom for all to enjoy....
Finished for visitors to enjoy

My son, 16....shared with my that he and his friend Grace sat at school and went over Proverbs 8 (not as a class project, on their break time) and discussed it. I hope you'll open it up to see the beauty in the doorway......
He shared with me all kinds of insights, you
Proverbs 8:11... Instructions on knowing Christ...notes on Wisdom... speaks about "Entrances....leading to the....
...Craftsman at his side...

Watching daily at my doors,
waiting at my doorway
whoever finds me..........

Bless you sweet reader, love to hear your thoughts...

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