Thursday, January 27, 2011

Beautiful Buffet Displays, Simple Foods

Easy Presentation, and foods....Maximum Impact
These beautiful, but simple presentations were my moms creations! She hosted a book launch for Inspired Design at her home in Newport Beach. Since the pictures speak for themselves, I'll just include a few tips! (My mom was the best teacher ever, for all things homemaking, as you can see)
For all events a fruit/cheese platter is always elegant! Try to always use cheese in their natural state (ie don't cut up the cheeses) with a few little knives to cut. I think the best fruits for price, taste and mostly presentation is grapes (I love champagne grapes, so much) kiwi, sliced starfruits, and figs! Arranged beautifully......

Always group "foods" together for impact. Here, she grouped white petit fours (from Gelsons, I think) on the silver (not even an expensive tray) three tiered tray and no other food. Very elegant. For the potatoes, also from the market, she grouped together and used some lettuce with some fruit in the center on a large silver tray. Just gorgeous!

When setting the entire table, go from tall to short for maximum impact, and lots of votives, which aren't lit yet, here!

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