Friday, November 29, 2013

Christmas Boutique December Seventh

Christmas Boutique Details
Saturday, December Seventh
My Home, Already decorated for Christmas.
Scones & Tea, Outside Fireplace roaring to sit and catch up with friends! 
Friends welcome to come with you! :)

What to expect:
Vietri ( Italian Tableware
The new white collection!
We ordered a huge order, so there will be plenty to choose from!

PomPom at Home ~Linens
French linens: white, greige and neutrals
perfect prices for gifts 

The Vintage Room
As always, a favorite for the boutique, this room has all the classics! Some handbags, some designer clothing, shoes, and accessories for home! These are from a variety of places. Some bought for a photo shoot, never used, some for clients that declined on purchasing.
Priced in increments of $5.
Christmas garland, decorations, wreaths & harvest items…new this year!

Never used linens, from Los Olivos Cottage, that didn't work out! Accessories, as well.
A few pieces of furniture (bookshelves) Maybe a Foos ball table and trampoline, if I can persuade the boys :) wink!

The Inspired31 Product Line
Greeting cards, high end (a little pricey) wrapping paper, all designed by our in house designers~the Inspired31 talent! The designs were mostly from our Art Contest Winners! 100% of the money taken in for the product line will go to to keep our programs running!
Stocking Stuffers, like "crown" phone covers, and other fun "little's" some for only $1.

Cash or Check 
Credit Card, ok, if you have a paypal account!

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving
I'm so thankful for the freedom to have the faith that I chose, for my family and my dear friends. I'm thankful for big blessings and tiny ones…because really the tiny ones are the big ones, too. The pics below are from the book, but they classically remain some of the blessings I am most thankful for: old and dear friends, including my now 20 year old daughter Hannah and her best friend, Cassie, Courtney: my college best friend and dear friend and her daughter, and a few other of my precious, dear friends.

I'm thankful for whom God created me to be;  creative, loyal, serious, focused, intense, intuitive and sensitive to the needs of others. I'm thankful that at my age (wink) I focus on the positive's of those traits!

As our Thanksgiving Table this year we will be sharing (on simple 3X5 cards) simple gratitude for how we were made, traits specifically! God did make us that way for a purpose, after all!  We will focus on our blessings, traditionally, as well.  

With Blessings & Love,

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