Thursday, August 26, 2010

Roots and Wings

As I watched my almost 17 year old daughter, Hannah, pull away from the house in her dad's huge SUV pickup truck this am, with her 13 year old brother in the car, for the first time to drive to their High School (and Jr. High) , I knew what my first "official" INSPIRED DESIGN blog entry would be about! Roots and Wings...

Being a mother is the most amazing job and gift I've ever had! Those defining moments of "firsts" are memories etched in the minds of our little, or not so little, ones, but truly they are rites of passage for us moms, the "Makers of the Home"!

In INSPIRED DESIGN, the book my daughter and I wrote and designed, We detail all the special little details that you can do to make the MOMENTS special for those you love. Really, what makes life special is the little things, the moments, the precious kind words and deeds that you do for others, and they do for you and yours.

This pic is of my kiddos on Justin's first day of school! I remember while making their roly pancakes (french crepes with orange sauce :), which have become our daily breakfast/family traditon since my childhood, and writing these signs up that one day we'd all look back and smile at the silliness. What I did not know is how fast it would come! (note: the breakfast sounds fancy, but I make the batter at the beginning of the week, and put it in a pitcher and simply pour into a hot pan, every morning! I can't be so fancy at 5:30am!!! I'm too slow, at that hour.

In these blog entries I will write about little ideas that have "INSPIRED" me, and hope they will also inspire you.......Inspire you to do the little things that make a difference in the lives of those you love: family, friends and even strangers, I hope.

Much Love

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