Monday, February 28, 2011

Inspired Design (Hospitality) in Nashville

Inspired Hospitality & Design...
I am writing the first of many posts on Hannah and my trip to Nashville....
(short and sweet) but first will you please pray for my dad who is now in surgery at USC, I am off to go there for a few days, but HE asked me to put him on all my prayer lists, so here I am...please pray for my dad Bill! I am so thankful for your prayers!

Hannah and I stayed with our old friends in Nashville. Lorianne, above is my dear friend from play group 17 years ago (pics above) and her son Charlie, one of Hannah's first friends. Her home and her hospitality is truly inspiring. I took over 100 pictures of her home, and will take you on a little tour, over the next few blog entries.

She is truly an inspired "hospitality" expert! :) I will share with you her wonderful touches, but to sum it up: She opened her home to us, made us feel so welcomed and loved!
She, also, loves tea. She has an entire tea room, devoted to taking tea, and sharing how good God is in so many ways. She has scriptures written over doorwells in her home, and has lovingly created so many vignettes with great flair and love.

We were in Nashville for a Christian Women's Conference, and to meet with some people about our book Inspired Design.
Will share more later, but off to be with my dad. Thank you for the prayers!
Psalm 118:23
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