Saturday, January 29, 2011

Inspiring Actions: I have your back

Actions Speak Louder Than Words: I have your back!!!!
As I tearfully write this, I am humbly inspired by the funeral I just returned from. My husbands partner & friend's father (Bob Sprague) passed away and we attended his service.

Our friend Bob's words were profound about his dad: "My dad didn't tell us he loved us but he showed us by his actions, each and every day of his life". Wow! He went on to say, "Actions speak Louder than words", describing hunting trips, weekends together at their cabin, and his availability when something needed to be fixed. His dad flew planes in World War II, and sounded like such a man of honor. His pastor described him as "Salt of the Earth".

Yesterdays Blog, had a big picture of Sandra Bullock in the Blind Side (which didn't show up, so I tried Again, click on below) because I find there is a point in this movie that is just profound, and goes nicely with today's thought: Actions speak louder than words. When you love someone you "have their back"! When someone loves you, you know it by their actions. In the Philippians 4:8 spirit of celebrating what is pure, right, lovely, and true I am focusing on celebrating those in your lives today, that love you! Show them or tell them NOW! Write them a letter, text them, call them, or email them. If someone inspires you, encourages you, or helps you be a better person, tell them, show them with your actions.

I came home and did just that....Let my Dad and Hubbie know I love them: Thanks for having my "back". Thanks for your actions, that speaker louder than your words ever could. Thanks for taking care of me....
Now....go write those notes/emails/texts and pick up that phone!

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