Friday, July 26, 2013

Dusk in the Garden, Bon Boyage prayers for a friend

Good Morning Beautiful Women,
I thought I'd share some beautiful photographs with you.
It's one of those days, where words are just failing me...
So I'll let the pictures speak...
This was a bon voyage party for my dear friends: Marta and Tabi...
To say I will miss them terribly, well......
Hannah and I have grown to love them like sisters, as they help to shape, and as they have become part of our family.....

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Did you take me off your list & WHAT have you been doing? Exciting News...

Helllloooo To You All~
I bet you have been wondering where I've been....or NOT! But I'm going to give you a recap anyway :)
I'm doing it mostly in pictures, AND I have such exciting news. I'm designing professionally again. I have hired my  precious friend and excellent studio manager, Judy, back to work and we open the doors again in September, although we are working already on a few HUGE surprises!

I took two years off work/design: the first year to be FULLY PRESENT during my daughters Senior Year....which was wonderful!  It turned into taking another year off getting our family's "health" in order in a myriad of ways, by essentially going fully organic and trashing everything that wasn't grown from the earth OUT! While Scott and Justin were in Romania for 10 days serving orphans and loving on them I threw every chemical out of my house. I also decluttered every closet and threw out a ridiculous amount of items, or gave them away. I've pictured the beginnings of some shelves!

My hubbie and I started an awesome & fun project and you can see below our organic garden, from which I cook from. I also began to eat mostly vegan, attending farmers market, buying only organic and studying every aspect of every little thing I feed to my family! Yes, I threw even my makeup and kids shampoo's away and started over. I read about 15 very excellent books, the best being Gwenyth Paltrow's newest cook book, on nutrition and health and changed out our house.
 What does my hubbie and son think? He loves that for the last 6 months I can be found making veggie's and even homemake Sriacha sauce (thanks to Gwyneth and 4 hours of recipe!!!), however no sugar, or only honey & maple syrup, no dairy ideally, goat cheese, no gluten or really flour at all...not so much!

I took a trip with my mom back to Nashville (saw Lorianne :) for an appearance on a new show (some exciting news later) WHOA (like the magazine I have a column in) as the "design girl", went to Washington DC to the Smithsonian for an apt. to view my great grandfathers documents and dove into my roots in an effort to see how far back our design roots really go and had an awesome time. I realized my son is EXACTLY like the men on our maternal side, though he is a mini-me of my dad, and is a right brain thinker and changed his whole education plan because of it, more later.
We fell in love with my daughters college, Westmont, and were asked to be on the tiny "Parents Council" with mostly parents from across the country and began to help with their new "Montecito Institute" on leadership. We love the leadership, the school, and the President Dr. Beebe! We have spent quite a bit of time with him, and others, and love their entire philosophy.

I'm changing this blog back to design and home and all it entails. To follow blog please see our website, where I hope girls and their moms will begin their blog entries there.

I'm excited to share more, but wanted to do a quick update!
Today I'm cleaning out our cute camper (Our little airstream) and we hit the road tomorrow, organic veggies (grass fed, organic meat for the men for bbq) and all!

Love to all,
I can't wait to share some of the fun news in more depth.
So excited to be back to designing the home, the passion of my heart! 
Love & Blessings,

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