Monday, January 17, 2011

Pray, Pray, Pray

Praying for Papa Bill and Ernestine!

At the sleepover before Inspired 31... the steering "girls" said a prayer my dad's back pain and healing and Joy's mom, Ernestine's cancer! It was a very sweet sight before I left the girls to settle in to watch "Like Dandelion Dust" at their sleepover. Now, although we don't usually pray in a row, which the girls pointed out to me several times, quite loudly....I thought they looked so dear and of course teenage girls praying is a beautiful thing!

Scripturally, we are commanded to pray. It isn't one of those things only some are "gifted" in, we are all commanded to pray. Think of it like a muscle you want to be strong and powerful! Your relationship with God is formed through prayer. Thus.....

So, please pray with me for my dad, whose back pain is excruciating and he can hardly walk from room to room! Perhaps that his physical therapy/chiropractic work can heal it so he doesn't have to have a second surgery. It can be so discouraging to not be able to walk from one room to the next!

Please pray with me for sweet Ernestine, whom I also love...for her to be healed, and for peace and strength in the face of chemo and radiation! Also, I pray for her sweet spirit, and joy for her through these trials. She recently sent an email that asked for prayer requests, while she had alot of time on her hands she wanted to pray for all of us! I thought really is a sweet spirit, which it is!

Also, to the dear friend of mine with cancer (who are more private) darling girl, We will all say a prayer for you too! And to another dear friend whose mom is in rehabilitation, and struggling with physical recovery, we are praying for you as well! God knows who you are and will channel our prayers to you.

Much Love
and Prayers!
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UnicycleRose said...

I love the these young ladies have a heart for diligent prayer at such a young age ... they are way ahead of most adults! Yes, prayers for healing,espeically those we loves so much! Inspired 31 was delightful yesterday, thanks for all the work you put into it!

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