Thursday, March 3, 2011

Truly Inspired Hospitality

Gracious Southern Hospitality: What a Soul-Blessing!
Romans 12:13: Practice Hospitality.....

I believe God's idea, as commanded (wow) in 1 Corinthians 13 and Romans 12 that loving is the most tangible way we can show how God loves us (although we are so imperfect)! Hospitality is the word that most accurately describes "what" it is to love others, especially in your home.

Don't for a minute underestimate the power of your home, nor its ability to change lives. Do not underestimate the power of one tiny, seemingly insignificant, act of kindness.
Don't for one minute think that your lack of or excess of resources has anything to do with your contribution to the beauty of this world. It's not what you have (or don't have) but how you use it.

My dear friend of 17 years Lorianne, now lives in Nashville, and is one of my most favorite "Practicers of Hospitality"! Notice I said practicer-not perfectionist. She is so grace-filled because she is focused on loving others, and not "being an entertainer". Hospitality and entertaining are two totally different animals. In her "Tea Room" she offered tea, literally any time of the day (or night) to us. It was a wonderful time to sit and catch up.

I am off to the hospital to sit with my dad, and have a cup of tea (although I use that loosely)...
The next blog is going to have a fun little "hospitality challenge" gift offer....
If you forward this blog and get some friends to sign up, to offer pretty pictures and some inspiration, I am going to offer some goodies. I have a little bit of an ulterior motive and will share during the next blog!
God bless----Roxanne

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