Thursday, January 6, 2011 is live

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Shelene Bryan of (see Events)

Our Mother-Teenage Daughter ministry's website is now up and running! You can "register for the site" for boutiques, speakers, discounts & special items. To attend our events "register for each event"! They are all free of charge, although donations are welcomed and needed :)!

The hope for Inspired 31 is to inspire teenage girls, and mothers & others to find & follow God's destiny for their life.

Yesterday, Hannah, myself, Marta, Kathleen and Brianna (with TWO n's) had a wonderful and crazily (word?) informative years-worth of computer training from Erik, in 3 hours. (Poor Erik!) Now, imagine me and my dear friend Kathleen (Inspired 31's Steering Coordinator) who is also "fluffy and cheerful", laughing and trying to learn to use "The back end of Joomla HTTP computer language, codes". Hannah and Brianna were so horrified & embarrassed that it made the whole day worth it! You moms would have loved the looks between them! Marta was as transfixed as we were in trying to learn Joomla: the computer language we will use to communicate Inspired 31 to you.

To change gears a little bit, the hope for Inspired Design Blog is to Inspire you: In Home Design, Hospitality and Showering those you love with love (James Taylor) and offering Hospitality to Strangers (Romans 12:13) Yesterday's blog prompted Christine (In Michigan?) to say,"Going to Haiti in February, nervous since I will be the only dental person with a medical group, so I will primarily be doing extractions on my own. Questioning how much my efforts will matter, but if I can bring some comfort to just one person I guess it is worth it. Thanks for your inspiring words Roxanne, it is amazing how God brings people into our lives." Yea, for you Christine, showing strangers God's love (Hospitality) in Haiti: Now THAT is beautiful!

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