Born into a family of highly creative designers and entrepreneurs Roxanne's family is her constant source of inspiration and encouragement. Her maternal grandfather Allan Adler, "silversmith to the stars", was not only her dear, sweet grandfather of whom she was immensely fond, but her greatest inspiration when it came to design advice. While spending many nights at her grandparents home while attending both USC and FIDM, her grandfathers design advice on numerous projects she completed at that time proved lifechanging. "Good designers know when to stop", and "Don‘t goop it up", are some of her fondest memories of advice. Her maternal great-grandfather, Porter Blanchard, was equally talented and is credited with being one of the best Arts and Crafts silversmiths in California. His stories within the family are legendary. He was quite the character and the artist!
Her father, a successful real estate developer, was/and is always cheering her on, sending her notes of encouragement, along with newspaper articles, such as, "If Debbie (Mrs. Fields) can do it, so can you." His can-do anything you "set your mind to" served as a backdrop for Roxanne‘s positive, "anything can be done" attitude. Being confidant and grateful for her God-given creativity she is able to fully enjoy her family support, her business and all that the concept of HOME means to her.
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