Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Day in my Garden

I love to be in the garden.
Love, love, love, love, love!
Scott and I have been  working hard in the garden!  
I'm loving having something else we enjoy doing together. Justin has one year left at home, then we are empty nesters, gulp!

As we were working today, I went over to where he planted the vineyard a few years ago. It takes several years to get the first grapes! This first year's grapes won't produce any wine, but it's so much fun to watch.

As we were working I began to look at how beautiful everything is...
The grape vines want to go where they are guided and can reach. They carefully wrap their tendrils around whatever they can and keep wrapping and curling and twisting. It is breathtaking and miraculous to watch. You can see such magnificent detail in these tiny little curls.

I was awestruck at something else I noticed. 
As I was walking and climbing and trying to find the perfect vantage point for snapping pics, I realized that I had never come to this side of the vineyard and climbed up to take pictures.
The perspective was amazing.
Life is funny like that. I had not come over to the grape side of the little gully since the vines were planted, 3 years I think, maybe 4. So much has changed. When I hiked up the little hill to take a picture of the vineyard I realized how beautiful the view was.
Sometimes you don't see the growth, until its time.
Sometimes it's not time, until you can see all the beauty.

I realized again how much I love my garden.
I put my herb and veggie markers in, too. 
I love them. Silver, hammered with the letters of the herbs. 
Scott is in charge of the veggies.
I'm the vine and herb girl.

Oh, and I planted two pomegranate trees, too!
ox much love ox

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