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Last: Lyme Protocol, Loneliness and Letting Go

Whales, Loneliness and Letting Go (Of Lyme) and Lyme Protocol
Good Morning~

Though I'm so excited to share about the exciting new things that are going on, this first. 

I am so touched by your warm, sincere and heart felt response to my article on gratitude  for healing from Lyme. I’m inspired by those of you who shared my story, to help your friends with Lyme, or perhaps another chronic issue. After prayerful consideration, this will be my last blog entry on Lyme and the accompanying suffering, as it’s really hard on me to go back to that place, again. But I was so concerned about one element of the replies that I had to add one last entry on this. So many of you were so hard on yourselves, regarding your own faith, as you wrote to me, I couldn’t let your suffering go on that note. 

In the worst time of my illness with Lyme, I didn’t feel faithful or inspired, I felt sick and lonely. I didn’t remember any whales. I didn’t feel a deep faith. I didn’t feel strong, or courageous, or brave. I only felt horrible.  I felt horribly ill, tired, exhausted and didn’t get off the sofa much. I felt that no one knew how terrible I felt and that I might slowly just die and disappear, without anyone noticing. 

It is important to me to describe what the faith looked and felt like, during Lyme, to encourage you. Though I don’t want to go back to that time period again, I do want to describe it to you to encourage you and bring you in so you can grab on and pull up. I knew God was there, in my soul, but I did not feel it, tangibly. You who have been ill, know exactly what I mean. It isn’t a lack of faith, but exactly what sickness or illness does. When I prayed I knew to whom I was praying, Jesus Christ, the creator of my soul. I didn’t feel it, but I knew it. You know what I mean, a little bit, right?

Since so many of you shared intimate moments with me of feeling so alone, I want to share with you that I did too. In the midst of a life filled with family, a devoted husband, wonderful children and friends, I still felt very alone. During this time I had an acquaintance say that she was so envious of me, because I had such a perfect life, as she could see on facebook.  I would bump into people who would extrapolate on my charity (which I had given up) and my business (which was almost non existent as I couldn’t take clients) and my busy life, to which I would simply sigh and smile. I didn’t have the energy, time nor  inclination to explain to them, that really I just laid on the couch all day.  I watched movies and tv, all day. It sounded awful, so I didn’t share it. So, I know. I have been there and I know that you feel very alone, very scared, very lonely. 

Sometimes we need to reach out and grab someone’s hand. In some cases though our hands are already full. Yours could be burdened holding on to the past, to the illness, to the schedules of doctors apt.s and therapy and medical decisions. I believe God is reaching out to you now, through this blog entry. He wants to grab on to you. He loves you and has so much to show you. Do you feel like you can’t grab on? Keep reading.

We are in the middle of one of the ugliest elections, with some of the ugliest language in history. These stories are filled with things that are the very definition of hard to forgive. It may bring up uncomfortable, terrible memories for you. It brings up things you may have thought you were healed from. Conversations, and ugly facebook posts, bring up a bitterness and anger that you don’t recognize. It brings up the the word forgiveness and all the memories and ugliness of things we thought were in the past. Like a drive through a neighborhood that holds bad memories, or a song or a smell that brings you right back to that time, conversations, arguments and loneliness can bring up topics that make the pain seem like yesterday. 

Be gentle on yourselves. We are on a journey, not a race. Sometimes those almost tangible memories can come back. Don’t get stuck there. I think the reason these elections make us feel so sick to our stomachs is because we are seeing the worst in people, their unforgiveness coming out in the form of bitter and ugliness. 

My perspective comes from my belief in Jesus Christ. I ask for your consideration if you aren’t a Christ follower, in the way I chose to view forgiveness. I struggle with it just like you do, at times. Mostly, when a fellow follower of Christ doesn’t seem (please note I said seem) to be on the same page as the way it is written, for us as believers, to handle offense and unkindness. (Matt 18:15) Give me grace in the way I write it, as I don’t have the answers, just the direction which I look to.

Release them.

I love the word forgive, but sometimes I think release is a better word. You can picture so easily opening your hand and releasing something you have a strong grip around. Forgiving often has us imagining a reconciliation that is idealistic, and never occurs. We all imagine a loving embrace where person A says, “I’m so sorry”, person B says. “It’s ok I forgive you and I’m so sorry too, I love you, please forgive me”. Love abounds everywhere. That is the beautiful and God blessed scenario. Many of you have experienced the ugly opposite. You reach out to a person who doesn’t feel they did anything wrong. I have too. They certainly didn’t apologize, don’t want forgiveness and in some circumstances they may think you are crazy, insensitive (or too sensitive) or have an inaccurate perception of the issues.  Release them.  You did what God asked you to do, you reached out. Now, release them. (You are probably thinking of someone right now)

I also understand it is more difficult, at least for me, when the offense is towards someone I love deeply. It’s fairly easy for me to forgive something that was done to me. I understand with Lyme, and with your children with Lyme, some things must seem unforgivable.  I love my children with a depth I cannot describe. It hurts me physically to think of that which has hurt my children. We can feel it in our bones when someone has hurt someone we love. That is the very reason, we have to release it. (It can stay in your heart, bones and your body, literally and figuratively)

Release them back to God. God hears you, he sees you. He loves you. He sees your pain, your suffering and your loneliness. He is reaching his arms down to pull you up. Release what is in your hands so you can let go of that, and grab God’s hand.  Let him pull you back up.  Release them from your heart, your hands and your soul. God has beautiful things for you my friend. He has blessings and beauty he wants to lay into your sweet and beautiful hands. I look back and wonder if I had room for all the blessings in my hands and my heart and my mind? I don’t think I did, like I do today, honestly. My arms are wide open and receptive to the wonderful and beautiful friendships, blessings and beauty that God has for me. 

So, you see. 

Faith is sometimes just reading this.  God might be using this to reach his hand out to you. Can you reach back?

My faith wasn’t in the knowing that everything would get better and that I would be well, but in the hoping. It was in the knowing that forgiveness and release was part of the plan, but not in the feeling it was. It was in the hope I have because of my God, Jesus Christ. I’d love to say that I have a strong faith in Christ, but it is Christ who is strong. 
Amen. I will continue to pray for each of you who have reached out to me!

My Lyme Healing Protocol

I have been asked to share my healing protocol. My purpose is to help those with Lyme Disease who are still suffering with continued symptoms. I’m not an expert, but once a sufferer of Lyme. Because there is rampant misinformation diagnosing and treating new cases of Lyme Disease, it is not common to be diagnosed early. There are 300,000 (CDC confirmed statistics from several years ago) to 1,000,000 new cases (unreported, due to blood tests being read incorrectly) every year.

 If you were fortunate enough to be diagnosed with a bulls eye rash (which about 70% of sufferers DO NOT get) you ideally would be  put on doxycycline for a few weeks and would have the most favorable chance of being cured.  Just because you took doxy. for a few weeks doesn’t guarantee a total cure, but your chances are the best . You need the proper dosage for the proper amount of time. I’m not a doctor, so I’m not going to share dosage and time. 

There is no “proven” standard of care (from the CDC or AMA) to cure Lyme Disease.  The best results for a total cure/healing, from my research, is to be seen by a LLMD (Lyme Literate Medical Doctor) with a good reputation. If you have confidence in him or her, their staff and their facility stay with them for the full treatment. They will know what works and what doesn’t, but often this does take some time. 

I knew I was very sick, but had no diagnosis.  I saw about 30 doctors, over a two year period.  It can be misdiagnosed,  because it is known as the “great imitator”.  Many other issues often accompany Lyme once you have had it for while. It is common to have Epstein Barr, Thyroid issues,  SIBO, constipation, migraine, Candida, Adrenal Fatigue, vertigo, and chronic fatigue. Often depression, anxiety, joint pain, fibromyalgia,  find their roots in Lyme Disease. It has even been said that MS, arthritis, dementia, alzheimer’s and other serious health issues have their roots in Lyme Disease. I’m not sure I believe that because the studies aren’t conclusive yet.  But I’m very sure there is evidence that substantiates the need for more aggressive research, study and treatment protocols.

 I don’t chose the words chronic Lyme, or late stage Lyme Disease, because for me these words have power. I chose to not say I had chronic Lyme, though that would have been the medical term used.  It isn’t because I don’t believe Lyme can last a very long time, but because I was believing, thinking and praying that I would be cured. I had to use every tool available for my healing tool chest.

Before Diagnosis:
~Far Infrared Sauna (Purchased from Dr. Mercola’s website)
Every day for 40 minutes, at very high heat. It’s very important to wipe the sweat as you go, and shower afterwords to get rid of what you sweat out. My experience was I soaked a thick beach towel each session. As the months continued, I sweat so much less. 

~Completely organic diet, no packaged foods (thus gluten free, however, I eat no grains), grain-free, sugar-free (I’d like to say always alcohol-but not always), dairy-free, soy-free. I essentially ate fruits, vegetables and meat, fish, and nuts. No GMO’s, no pesticides, totally organic everything. 

-I completely eliminated as many chemicals from my home as humanly possible. All makeup, skin-care, cleaning supplies etc.. had to be organic, with no chemicals. I had already changed over to a 100% pure organic skin care line years prior so I was set there. I only used organic sunscreen, lotions, bug repellent etc.. since your skin is your largest organ. As well, I switched to organic cleaning products since I sleep on sheets that touch my skin all night long. Shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream etc. all organic. I could eat what I use on my skin. 

-I switched from over the counter pharmaceuticals to essential oils whenever possible. I found easy substitutes that were far more effective for some different ailments anyhow. This includes headaches, stomach issues and tension in my neck. I took the oils both internally and used them externally on the skin. I used them in diffusers through my home as well.

-Acupuncture. I found a very intuitive acupuncturist whom was crucial in my healing journey. Not only did she guess (then ordered a test for me, as it wasn’t her field of expertise) or should I say diagnose one of the gastrointestinal issues that was plaguing me, but she recommended the doctor in LA, who finally diagnosed Lyme for me. In essence, she saved my life. She didn’t know my SIBO was caused by Lyme but as we journey together she now has that on her radar for other patients.  I also found the acupuncture relaxing and it helped with the chronic inflammation that the Lyme bacteria, borrelia burgdorforia , causes. 

-Raindrop Massage 
Twice weekly, I had a raindrop massage. This can be quite costly, but I felt that it truly kept the terrible sickness at arms length, even though I didn’t know what I had I did feel like I was slowly dying.  It is done with about 12 oils (with many healing properties) by Young Living.  One of the supplements that I believed worked very well was oil of Oregano. You can take this oil, if food grade, by mouth if you know the dosage. I could not find anyone during my time with Lyme that could tell me, with certainty the correct dosage, or I would have done the oils instead of the supplements.  Oregano is one of the oils used in the raindrop massage, and I do believe it is one of the elements in my healing.  My treatment was done by a licensed massage therapist who was also certified in Raindrop Massage. During this time my daughter had a long struggle with a concussion and she often got one at the same time I did. We are big proponents of raindrop massage. 

After my Diagnosis:
~I took three months of supplements to heal my gut issues first,  as my gastroenterologist  didn’t want me to start antibiotics because he didn’t think my stomach could handle the antibiotics as I was so sick in the beginning. There was a plethora of supplements, but oregano was one of them and it resonated well with me. The toothpaste tube of glutathione was also something that he gave me on day one. Turns out later that glutathione was one thing that really worked well for me. 

~Started with one doctor who put me on Samento and Banderol slowly, but it was too slow for me. After a month I said I wanted to get aggressive where he scheduled a pic line. I realized many things one of which I need to work on was my communication skills. Instead of sharing with him that was TOO aggressive, I switched doctors. My next doctor who I believe is a protocol (and diagnostic) genius put me on 3 months of 3 anti-biotics and anti-fungals, all of which I tolerated beautifully.  After a week I began to feel better. (6 nystatin a day) I switched back to the other doctor later, as his office staff was stellar, kind and positive. I was in the home stretch of the three months feeling fabulous (comparatively) and I wanted to surround myself with uplifting and positive staff, clean environment and not have to drive far. It was a very difficult decision, but I liked both doctors so it was ok. I had concerns about cleanliness and staff at the other issues. (No I won’t share the issues nor the names, though I will recommend doctors!)

-Prayer protocol. 
I had no idea what this would entail, and though I had gone to prayer rooms and tons of friends had prayed over and for me, I decided it would a “prescription” as much as my antibiotics. It probably looked about like a prayer appointment a week,  but consistency.  Sometimes it was a conference on oils and healing prayer, a healing of the brain conference, time at PIHOP, a few jewish services, healing room appointments, Hidden Manna (a prayer ministry), my weekly prayer time with M & M (my dear friends), bi-weekly with M & R, and  SOZO prayer times, which are a two hour prayer with a facilitator who walks you through your time with God, simply asking you questions and helping with prayers of forgiveness or such. 

~Doctor Choices
Only true Lyme Disease suffers will understand this following part. It is hard to select a doctor, when there is so much misinformation on Lyme, so much controversy with the treatment (lack of) protocol, and more controversy for the doctors who chose to treat Lyme. Due to the fact that much of the effective treatment of the symptoms of Lyme not being covered by insurance (our blue cross PPO, supposedly a very good plan) LLMD’s do recommend many types of treatments that are expensive. This has resulted in some saying they are out for a profit, making money off the sick. This is unfair. At least, they are trying to help. Antibiotics is usually the first try, but after that all bet’s are off. 

If the CDC would give them healing protocols that worked, they would not need to recommend unproven treatments. If the insurance would cover treatments where there is sufficient evidence that the therapy (like hyperbaric) worked, these doctors would not need the facilities to provide them. If the doctors have to buy the equipment, they have to pay for the equipment and the staff, insurance, overhead and real estate to provide them. Thus, they have to charge a small fortune for the treatment because the machines are expensive. A round of hyperbaric treatments is $3,000. I met a board certified hyperbaric doctor on a cruise to Antarctica and asked him questions about Lyme and hyperbaric. He works in Washington DC and said they are finding great results with Lyme Disease effectiveness, but not the protocol. He says he isn’t sure how frequently, how long in the chamber, duration of both treatment etc.. because they aren’t providing the funding for these studies. They do know that there is significant improvement, but not how much yet. 

It’s the lack a LYME standard of care protocol. In my case, I tried everything and spent about $90,000 over the years that wasn’t covered by insurance. This includes the doctor visit to the doctor who correctly diagnosed me. 

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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Gratitude, Healing Lyme, Moving On

Before I share the exciting news of my upcoming relaunch of my design business, my seriously fabulous new logo and some inspiring new design projects I’m working on, I felt compelled to share my story of healing and gratitude with you. Though the chapter has been closed for a while now I felt prompted to wrap up what I learned from my illness. I wanted to give the honor and gratitude where it is due. So, before I tell you about some fabulous new projects, like the one for the Los Angeles County Mayors Office, Crisis Response Team project, let me tell you this: 

“I am healed from Lyme Disease,” I say confidently, aloud.
I speak confidently, because I believe there is great power in the spoken word. 
I’d be lying however, if I didn’t  share that almost every time I say them, I pause, in my mind.  I trust God that I am a constant work in progress, always healing, always learning, and always growing. That enemy fear  is always trying to poke his unwelcome spirit in.  So, I declare and I decree in my sweet and strong voice that I am healed.

I’ve had this story ready to share for almost a year. Yet, there was certain factual details that the check in my spirit said do not share. My mind battled. Why not? Over this weekend, at the Healing Conference, there was a story about a bell that resonated deep in my soul. As the pastor shared, I realized why I was not released to share my story.  God showed me it was because certain particular details were irrelevant to the story.  It was profound revelation, followed by so much revelation of what had not been relevant in my life, all along. So, I’ll share my story, with joy and without those irrelevant details.

I’ll keep the details of the illness short.  I felt sick, with migraines, dizziness*, etc., thyroid issues, tired, as if I was dying, gaining weight for three years, despite an organic, healthy, grain free diet. They found a pineal cyst and an empty sella turcica, in my brain. All incidental findings, but  required an  MRI every 6 months for a year.  Three other factors made it very lonely.  It was my sons junior and senior year in High School.  I wanted to be fully present. His senior year events, even graduation, that I was able to attend were  marked by my ducking out, avoiding eye contact and conversation, as I just couldn’t make small talk. I felt bone dead tired, the kind that defies adequate description. One of my best friends was dying of cancer. (two very dear friends had serious cancer) I did not want to share much, because I didn’t want to take any loving attention away from her nor my son’s celebrating in his senior year.  She is with Jesus now and I miss her.  Lastly, I had no diagnosis for the first two years of illness, despite thirty doctors visits, until I found Dr. R*. He listened to me, suspecting Lyme Disease. The tests confirmed it eight days later, the day before Justin’s High School Graduation.  

The year before I was diagnosed there was a doctor  who was trying to burn down my husbands dental practice.  I didn’t know if it was personal, nor if he was going to come to the house and try to burn our house down too.  Due to the active investigation, I was not able to share that with anyone. During his arrest, an illegal silencer was found in his home. The day when he was released on bail I was having a very elaborate alarm system installed with 9 motion cameras on all outside areas, which by the way, I do not find humorous.  Scott was on the way out of town to go skiing with friends in Mammoth. I had an allergic reaction and ended up in the ER, my eye swelling shut. Thank God for my dear friend Marta who met me at the hospital where we just began to laugh at my year, and my eye. 

The same year, before I was diagnosed, feeling like I was dying or going crazy, one of the two, we were on a boat returning from Catalina Island with my family. We encountered  about ten or twenty whales about half mile out who were spouting, majestic and beautiful.  We watched them frolic for about half an hour and then I said, in all seriousness, "I'm going to pray that they come closer.” My cousin just started laughing.  The men followed suit and began laughing somewhat uproariously, that I would pray for such a silly thing. My cousin said, “You don’t think God has anything better to do than to bring the whales closer?”  He just laughed and laughed.  I explained, “God cares about showing us how much he loves us and that he hears our prayers.”  So, they laughed harder.  My dad joked, while laughing hilariously, to tell God, “Send two whales!  Tell God you want one on the port side of the boat and one starboard side.”  To which they all crazy laughed. If you can imagine me rolling my eyes here, please imagine. 

So, I knew God would hear my prayers and bring the whales closer, so I went below to spend an hour in prayer. Immediately as I sat down to pray, loud, shrieking and screaming began. I cannot describe the sounds of their screams. I was scared, thinking my little 3 or 5 year old niece or nephew had fallen over, as the shrieks weren’t anything I had ever heard before. I ran up top to see two whales come right towards us, one on the port and one on starboard side. 

To use the word majestic to describe this event would be such an understatement.  The blue whale is the largest animal alive. A blue whale weights two hundred tons. Since I am a visual person, it helps me to imagine that is the same weight as forty elephants.  Their tongues alone weight as much as one elephant. 

They came so close to the boat at a speed I cannot describe, one on port, one on starboard. They were as long as the 100 foot boat. My cousin Danny, the captain, looked a little grim when he realized how close the whales got to the boat. Their spines came up, out of the water, as they were almost past and honestly it felt like they were only inches from the boat. Danny said later if they had both been closer it could have lifted the boat up. Both my niece and nephew were up top without life jackets at that moment. When I reflect on all the different elements of the majesty (and dangerous possibilities) of that moment my mind races.

We were in awe. We screamed, jumped up and down. We’re a pretty dignified bunch. I use that choice of adjectives in jest, but we’re not the kind that jumps up and down and cries. But we jumped up and down, cried and screamed.  It is one of the few things I have experienced in my life where awe is the only word to come close to describing the moment. I found the video on facebook to listen and watch again, today and was brought to tears again, with an awe for what God brought that day. Our conversation over our three hour dinner was about prayer. 

It was majestic, mesmerizing and really spoke to me about God hearing us. About to embark on the hardest year of my life, God heard my little but fervent prayer and used that to bring the largest animal on the planet to me. I don’t believe he did it only to show my family that yes, he heard, but that my faithful and fragile heart would need that reminder to sustain me through the next few years.  

Prayer was integral to my healing. I didn’t need a whale to help me pray more, nor to know prayer was deep and effective. But I think God knew how much I’d need the encouragement that year, when I spent most of Justin’s senior year feeling awful laying on the sofa most of the time and very guilty about not knowing why. The whale became my reminder of God hearing my prayers. 

I believe healing and wellness can be profoundly affected by your mind. Neuroscience fascinates me.  I believe healing (and sickness) can begin with the spoken word. It is so powerful.  Healing prayer, speaking the scriptures in the name of Jesus Christ could heal. Though I began studying towards a Naturopathy degree, it became the power of prayer that fascinated me.

 Before my diagnosis, my acupuncturist asked me upon meeting me “What was my healing goal?”  I said to be thinner. I was at wits end and crying throughout the appointment.  She said no, “Who do you want to be, when your healed?”  I was thinking  “great she’s a nut ball ” this isn’t therapy it’s acupuncture.  But she was very intuitive,  recommended the gastrointerologist who diagnosed my Lyme Disease.  I told her I needed to go pray about it. A picture came to my mind of me standing, thinly (wink!) in a white dress, sweet and strong. 

 My thyroid illness, made worse by Lyme,  was routed deeply in not feeling heard in some situations (according to various thought, thyroid issues mean not feeling heard, picture someone squeezing your throat).  Part of my healing was learning to communicate clearly and directly.  I came to realize that when I felt I wasn’t being heard I got stronger,  louder, and bolder. Sadly, I think I came across harshly.  So my healing goal: Sweet and strong. I had absolutely no idea what that all meant at the time. It has all come together in the healing,  strength and sweetness. 

 I went to healing conferences, healing rooms,  Hidden Manna, prayed with M & M each week. M & R, bi-monthly. I learned so much about healing, illness and oils. Forgiveness is the cornerstone of healing. I really had no idea.  The language of these prayers is very powerful. Speaking them out loud is very powerful. The choice of words themselves are powerful. Renouncing lies that have been spoken over you, releasing people from their offense, giving them back to God, blessing them.  It includes replacing what you let go with something else. I was blessed to be prayed for by friends from all over the country and several parts of the world. I had prayers for separate things, like migraines. They are mostly gone.  My adrenal fatigue was prayed over at my friend M’s house, by J., and I felt an electrical type charge that is indescribable and I fell to the floor. The next time my adrenals were tested the test was not  just improved, but 100% normal. I have the tests to prove it, not that I needed them. 

So, it is with much gratitude for the love I received on this journey. I am compelled to thank those who prayed for, over and with me. Thank you to my dear and precious friends who prayed for me while I was in the MRI tube, I literally felt the presence of God sustaining me each time like I was covered by big beautiful white wings. Thank you to my family (especially my mom and dad) who prayed  for me and in Catalina when I felt I was close to losing it completely laid hands on me at dinner and prayed blessing over me one by one. Thank you to M & M for being my trusted prayer warriors and helping me keep my eyes up and on God, not letting me get too discouraged. Thank you to my precious friends, who didn’t forget I was still here. Thank you to the dear, dedicated and brilliant doctors who helped me, some of whom are dear friends and did it on their own time. The time you took to meet with me and go over my charts, tests etc.. truly shows your heart for diagnosis and healing. 

Thank you to my best friend, my husband and my love: Scott. I know it was not easy, but I trust you and your big heart and brilliant mind. Thank you for helping me navigate.  We are so much better for this journey. Also, thank you to my darling/handsome and amazing; Hannah and Justin. You guys are my loves. 

My illness was caused by a tick bite, yes, but it was God that healed me. He healed me from a lot more than Lyme. To God be the glory. It was by His grace, alone. 

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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Last blog entry!

Hi Bloggers and Friends,
So, I had a great day today and yesterday, filled with doctors apt.'s where I received lots of good news. Several of the co-infections that I got with Lyme Disease are now back to normal. (No, I'm not clear of Lyme...YET) But it's good news and the dedication to pure, non gmo foods, organic and absolutely no sugar is good for you and heals a ton of things. It's a little too long and boring to go into, but I'm so excited to share with you how some of these issues were healed, besides prayer of course. 

This is one of my last few blog entries for this blog! Because I officially shut down the 501c3, it has been recommended to me that because this blog has the name Inspired Design Publications, I should close the blog! So, I'm going to start one up with Sunset and Magnolia! It will be entirely home, lifestyle and natural/organic solutions for beautiful and healthy, healing homes, based on my discovery and (almost) recovery from Lyme.

If you'd like to receive it reply back and I'll make sure that I let you know when it is set up in the early part of 2016!

Until then, Merry Christmas! (Pic of my sweet momma and favorite sis)
With much love,

PS I might remind you one or two more times to let me know if you'd like to be on the list!

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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Preview of Items/Where have I Been?

Good Evening,
I received so many sweet wishes from you all. Thank you. Life is funny, isn't it?  I want to be honest and share, but I don't want to complain. Ultimately the last year and half have been hard. Two summers of feeling awful. One because I had no idea what was wrong, the next because I had begun treatment. I ducked out (literally) of social situations (Justin's senior year events, church, etc...) because I was too exhausted to have meaningful conversation. 

God certainly has a purpose. 
Thankfully, I am seeing shimmering signs of that purpose, like a door opening to sunshine and heavenly possibility. I so love people (friends, family, clients). Even if I just know you on Facebook and a little in real life, it is precious relationship to me.  I know for sure; time is precious. 

This seemingly celebratory article (8 pages) appeared in French Country Style. It confirms to me; nothing is as it seems. This stunning place looks like the person who lives there has an ideal life. While I'm filled with nothing but gratitude, this life is far from perfect. At the same time the public looked at these pictures, I lay in that bed, or on that couch, sweating, suffering and healing from Lyme Disease. Life is messy. 

Hilariously, I wrote this methodically last night. I was going to upload pics from our preparations today! Haha! I think God had other plans. I've been sitting at my computer for an hour and had to reset about 5 passwords and still cannot get to my iCloud, whatever to share the pics. So, I will upload the pics to my Facebook page under this blog post, so you can see them. 

Yep, Life is messy! But, wonderful! I hope to see you all on Thursday!

Much, much love,

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Monday, December 7, 2015

Thursday's Christmas Boutique

Dear Blog Readers, 
Merry Christmas! I am just letting you know about my boutique on Thursday. I'm so excited about it. I'm finally feeling about 70% of my normal self :)and have had enough energy to put together this little boutique. I'll share photographs of items tomorrow, after Judy and I spend Tuesday wrapping all the goodies up!

I have a new found passion for all things organic and green, so my interior design business has taken that turn as well. I started a naturopath program just for background information on how to use the healthiest ingredients from the contents of your spice pantry (with pretty jars) to wallpaper paste to organic fabrics to a pharmaceutical free house and chemical free home. 

I hope you'll join us for delicious, beautiful, gluten-free cupcakes that are the most beautiful things you have ever seen. The soaps are made by a darling local girl all organic. Our wrapping is included and have one darling friend just wrapping all day. 

We'll have oils, natural cleaning products, beautiful hostess gift items and packaged beautifully. All under $20. Then of course, we have antique accessories, new pillows, linens and all way under what I paid wholesale! It's that time of year that I am excited to part with all the goodies that didn't find a home and the items I put together for your holiday gift needs.

I so hope to catch up with you. You are always welcome to bring friends. I'll have the outside fireplace on come sit enjoy some "bulletproof" coffee, hot cocoa with no sugar and low glycemic, and delicious gluten free (and exquisite locally made) cupcakes!

Pictures posted tomorrow.
Much love,

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Sunday, October 18, 2015

A Journey With Lyme

Happy October! It's been quite a while since my regular posts, you'll see why as you read the following article. This article is from WHOA magazine, based in Mississippi that I write the Home Design Articles for. I have been writing for Whoa for about 4 years. I am feeling better as I write this today, while on antibiotics for several months. I'm beating this (LYME)! I'm writing a follow up article on Lyme with what has been successful for me, the latest research and several opinions on the controversy surrounding the testing, treatment and most especially the diagnosis. I'm sorry it might be hard to read. Uploading to this blog is very difficult with a high resolution image, so reduced it's harder to read. If you subscribe to the blog, the emails are easier to read! 
Blessings to you! Roxanne

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