Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year's Eve!
I am so excited for 2012! Since my daughter is a senior (have I mentioned that?) I have a bunch of sentimental gatherins, fun and things being planned to make the most of her last official year at home.
Instead of doing a typical blog, I decided to post a sampling of what we have highlighted this year on Inspired Design's Blog. Because it is a combination of design, hospitality and family the post can be varied, so I hope you enjoy looking into some of the fun I am posting.

I have a favor to ask of you! (Huh!) Although I know some of you are new to the blog, I'd love to know what you'd like more of...
Just hit "REPLY" or go to the "real" blog, by hitting Inspired Design Blog, at the top of this email and click on it, and it will take you to the real blog. You can add your comments there!
(The pictures are the proper size there!)
I want to know what you want more pictures of...more tips on...etc.
I have been asked to do several speaking engagements this spring, and would like to know what YOU all would like to know/do/read about/see more of in 2012!
Thank you!

If you let me know, I will enter you in a drawing for a copy of Inspired Design AND a surprise tea basket that I will put together and send to you!
I'm off to serve Boeff Bourgeneon to friends and I wish you a lovely evening!

Here is a design magazine that I love that did a little two-page spread on Inspired Design....
Above is a wonderful Thank You celebration for teens to thank them for our first year and a half of our group! Below is a photograph from our Hospitality Book! It was taken in Karen Armstrong's Kitchen with her gorgeous plate collection.
Above the 700 Show Page from our appearance
Below is my Grandparents home from which so many wonderful childhood memories are from, and where my love of design was birthed. In fact, their ceiling shown, of white washed barn wood: a real hip and new thing to do in the 50's was a favorite of mine. When we redid our kitchen and pushed up our ceiling I did the same treatment, although since their house had sold...I had forgotten they had that in theirs. Only after I was finished with the project and I began our book project did I realize that I had copied their ceiling from memory...deeply etched in my subconscious! How is that for sweet & sentimental!
The Bausman Los Angles Showroom's Book Launch & Silver Show for Allan Adler Design, which is my grandfathers business that my cousin has purchased and taken over. Danny now creates all the beautiful silver that began in our family 8 generations ago.
Below my sweet friends and founding producers of In our intial launch we sent out 1800 hand addressed letters and fact sheets, each one hand addressed and prayed over. I just love M & T.
Above is me in Nashville with my dear friend, Lorianne, of 18 years. An inspiring friend who loves the Lord with all her heart...she was a speaker at and will come back out in February to speak again from another church who asked us to speak together on Hospitality and The Home.
Below is our Boutique to raise money to begin at my home. It was very successful and fun, thanks to hundreds of you!
Here was some mag.s that so generously featured Inspired Design Stories this year. What a blessing! We have been able to give almost $20,000 to Heart of Hope. One check is written and will be sent out tomorrow! Yea for the New Year and YOU!
Below is a fabulous table my mom set for a baby shower for her dear friends daughter. Lovely Table!
Wonderful Chalkboard....New Chapter friends from Santa Barbara Chapter of
 Table my sweet daughter set all by herself, for an event...
Pics from our travels this summer!  

 My grandpa Allan Adler great grandpa Porter Blanchard below...designing....sooo love....

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