Sunday, January 8, 2012

Writers Block...for Valentines Day

Asked to write an article for several other venues, I experienced terrible writers block. Yesterday I had an epiphany in the morning and have been writing, setting the table and photographing since...
Here is part I of the article, on hospitality:

As we are inspired how to show love to others, we must first ask Why
Quite simply because in Romans 12:10 &13 we are told to be devoted to one another in brotherly love, to honor one another above ourselves.  To share with God’s people who are in need,  to Practice Hospitality. Notice the vocabulary: practice, not perfect.
In America, our culture is suffering, as our people are. In part because popular media culture gears everything to perfection. We are bombarded with messages that if we aren’t the very best at something, we just shouldn’t bother. We compare ourselves to others, rather than knowing our worth in God’s eyes.
I suffer from insecurity and wonder if I can be creative enough to inspire.  Are the tips original enough? Are the photographs beautiful enough? Are they too simple for some, too fancy for another?  Do I seem “fluffy” without depth? Frozen with inaction...writers block begins. Beginning to catch myself wishing I was more intelligent, more spiritual-sounding, more patient...I begin to compare myself to other women.  So, the pen is laid down, deciding I’ll come back to it later.
The problem: my thoughts revolve completely around me. My creativity, my skills, my ability.  This is not about me but about God’s purpose for me. I have spent intimate hours in prayer, I know the scriptures. I know better. I suddenly realize the bigger picture; I can’t do it, but I can through Christ who strengthens me. Writers block has broken.
This dance in my mind between my preciousness in His sight and the enemy’s interjections have slowed me down, for days. God showed me this dance is the very reason for us to love others; to encourage each other. Because we are human we suffer from doubt, insecurity, and rejection of one sort or another.  We are God’s tool to encourage others. God uses us as His hands to love others,  but make no mistake it is His power, His grace and the Holy Spirit that do the real work, not ours.
I am not the most intellectual person you will ever meet, although I can have a mean political debate. God’s path of creativity began with a family history of silversmithing eight generations back,  a degree from USC,  design school in Paris, then design school in Los Angeles. Call them spiritual or otherwise, they were the gifts God saw fit to give to me. Who am I to argue with my creator. They are unique and I celebrate them. What are your magnificent and unique gifts that you can use to inspire others? 
I do not want the gifts received as a blessing from God to “turn into spiritual dry rot,” as Ann Voscamp suggests in her inspiring book One thousand gifts, as the manna did when it was hoarded in Exodus 16:20. I want to use my blessings.
Inadequacies and all, imperfections and all: I want to inspire others to Practice Hospitality and to LOVE others. Yes, capital letters:  L O V E.

Here are some pictures from years ago from my moms Valentines party! She made all the cookies! The next several posts are all the "Part II" HOW TO's all in Pictures....

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