Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Tabletop on 700 Club, click link to watch

On Tuesday, Hannah and I had the honor and joy to be the guests on the 700 Club tv show! We flew to Virginia on Monday and were greeted by a CBN security guard who picked us up from the airport in uniform and welcomed us to Virginia, the "Campus" and the show! We were immediately called by Ivorie, whose southern hospitality made us feel at home from the second we arrived. As I said on the show it is about the little things and honoring others. Ivorie and every single person we met at CBN was delightful, kind and truly hospitable. I was incredibly inspired! If you are new to the blog, from the show...WELCOME, we are glad you joined us!
Below is the Screen that appeared a few days before we did the show...

We arrived at the hotel on the grounds, which was Christmas time lit up sparkly lights in the Federalist style and so charming. Hannah and I walked around the grounds and lake and soaked in all the beauty of the south. We had a lovely dinner and I went to bed early to be well rested. (Hannah stayed up for hours studying for finals next week)

On of the highlights for me was meeting Pat Robertson and hearing more about the history of the show. Not only did he graduate Yale in law, before going on to seminary later in life, his father was a Yale graduate and statesman and his son Gordon, also a Yale grad! He could not have been more charming, welcoming and kind. He invited us back, with his southern hospitality and I was charmed!

Hannah sitting in the green room, which of course was not green, signing books! It was such a special time with my beautiful daughter (Senior, 18 years old, sniffle) to see her as such a lovely young lady who handles herself with such grace and strength. (strength-she leads us around the airport, just like her dad!)

Like I said the history and legacy of the Robertson family was inspiring! Did you know the 700 (from 700 Club) represented how many people he hoped/prayed would donate $10 to get the ministry off the ground! This is Pat with his beautiful wife, Deedee. They recently celebrated 50 years of CBN and the photographs and history were amazing! He is a visionary and has run a successful business/ministry for that whole 50 years! Inspiring!

Part of the CBN interiors, with Ivorie our amazing host/talent coordinator who stayed with us throughout and guided us through the rehersals, make-up and hair (Amazing ladies!!!), set design (to set up what we sent from California to be on the tabletop), toured the building, adjoining campus and finally took us to lunch with Kristi, who was our interviewer for the segment! (If you click on the pics, they get larger to see better detail)

Kristi, Myself and Hannah on set right after our segment aired! Live! To a million households, gulp! I actually wasn't nervous. Of course the credit goes to the Lord who truly calmed us both, and to dear friends and steering and pastors who prayed for us! It worked. (I suffered earlier in life with anxiety, so it is no small praise to be thankful to be on a live national program and not have anxiety!!)

The Christmas tabletop! Half traditional red and green, and my favorite the natural/white Christmas end of the table. I will share in detail tomorrow the different parts of the table and how to do it, where to get some of the items. Of course I paid extra to get the boxes there by Friday, which they did not. As we were in the LAX airport monday morning I heard they had not arrived, at which point I sent an email to the (Mother-daughter Ministry that began after the book was launched) Steering team who began praying. Prayer worked, God was so good and I thankfully found just as I was turning my phone off for take off that the box had indeed arrived!

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