Monday, December 12, 2011

Little Christmas things...big impact

The most simple trick (and I'm sure you use it to) is the little votive candle in a simple glass holder. I think there is nothing as pretty as glass votives-everywhere!

If there were designing rules, it would include: Everything looks gorgeous in glass or silver! These little gold balls are fabulous, and I used them on the top of the table below as well. I say the more sparkle the better. (Although that isn't always true :)

Cookies on a silver plate. One of the girls in our Mother-daughter group (Now National :), made these darling cookies. On a silver plate, made by my Grandpa Allan, they look gorgeous. I was at a cookie exchange, given a 99c plastic tray that the cookies looked amazing on. It doesn't have to be real.

My favorite cross tied with a french ribbon to the top of one of my new candlesticks! (Pottery Barn) The great thing about this candlestick is upside down it is a candy dish!

Here is the table at my house before I shipped it off. I had played around with the combinations for days before I sent it off. (Remember to click on photo so you can see details)

Below is on the 700 Club Show table set right after our segment aired!

Very simple: glass hurricane ($6) filled with tiny marshmallows! I looove the white color on the natural tabletop or clustered with 2 other (always odd numbers) glass containers filled with something white.

I had to work to find these (as I am in southern California) but I know in some parts of the country these are abundant. I love them in either a glass bowl or silver dish!

Everyone's favorite Christmas candy....the candy cane! I love them and they abound at Christmas-time at our home. On the tree, in dishes, tied with a french ribbon and stuck in the kids backpacks for school, tied to the garlands-everywhere is perfect for the candy cane! The all white ones are gorgeous in a tall hurricane. Even at age 15 & 18 they love the treats.

I just went to a Christmas Cookie Exchange at my friend Mary's and I loved this, so I'm sharing.

Remember if it's simple, you will do it......
Dear children, let’s not merely say that we love each other, Let us show the truth by our actions. 1 John 3:18

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