Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Little Christmas Touches, Snuggly Spots

Merry Christmas! 
Yesterday I had lunch with a lovely new friend who is also a psychologist here in California. We were talking about the complexities of being transparent and authentic while walking the "Philippians 4:8" kind of way: focusing on what is true, excellent, lovely and praiseworthy. So let me share something that is very important to me, while focusing on Phil 4:8...

The blog, book, et all, is about hospitality NOT entertaining. I was interviewed by a radio station this morning in Ohio about that subject, so I decided to write about that today.  Basically, my opinion is "entertaining" is the world's version of "hospitality". Entertaining can become it's own "thing", while hospitality tries to keep it's focus on honoring and blessing others.
 Romans 12:13 tells us to Share with God's people who are in need, Practice Hospitality.
Here are some ways to touch your home, so you and your home can touch others....
You can never truly enjoy Christmas until you can look up into the Father's face and tell him you have received his Christmas gift.   --John R. Rice 
My family room is always warm and cozy because it has so much red it in it, but adding a red throw blanket or pillow can do so much to transform a room to a Christmas delight.
 Sparkly lights and some greenery with my regular bathroom items make is a truly special spot. Those twinkly lights can make every nook look more special.
 Our powder room. Little bows are so easy to tie on trees, and very inexpensive. It really adds a great dimension. I especially love white bows or plaid bows to make a great Christmas statement.
 Over the last 18 years I have slowly collected some lovely red pillows, not all Christmasy. When put all together however, they look like a Christmas collection! A cozy nook to read and have some tea or chat with a kid. (or stack presents to wrap or laundry!!!)
 Amazing how a few white flowers and pinecones can make something look like a winter wonderland. Candles are always a must!
 I am starting a teacup Christmas ornament collection, so here are the beginnings of my tree! I got these trees at big lots (cheap!!!) with these little plastic bases, two for $24. Prelit, too! Again, at Christmas it is about sparkling so lights and candles are so inexpensive.
My favorite wrapping is kraft paper (or newspaper) with either white or black ribbon. It is spectacular in it's simplicity and crispness! I save all the "scraps" from tying bows, and use them on a package, see the left package, no bow! No waste. 

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Wall-to-wall books said...

I just love all these pretty posts! I can't even decide which pictures I like best! I love the one with the red and the doggie pillow, cute!
I also love the one with pinecones! I love decorating with pinecones, and I also love white!
But then I also love the one with the tea cups and tea pots!!!!! Oh my gosh!

Merry Christmas to everyone!

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