Thursday, August 11, 2011

Window Boxes, Cultivating a Generous Attitude

My most favorite part of traveling/exploring is looking at the gorgeous ways man (or woman actually) makes beautiful things with the means and talent God has given him/her. Window boxes provide such an empty palette, for which so many beautiful and enjoyable creations are made. No matter what country, state, city or town one always finds such unique creations. Here are some such creations! Guess what my project is when kiddos go back to school next week! Yep, freshening up my window boxes. (I'll post pics!)

The above were in London! Always remember high in the back, to low in the front, varied colors and textures. Below I love the varigated ivy garland on a simple and sweet apartment. I think this was in Wales, but honestly I can't remember.

I think black window boxes are the bomb. Everything looks gorgeous in something black! (The little black dress, one piece of black furniture in each room....) I love to have flowers that thrive in a vase as they are so handy for a vase of fresh flowers!

Both above and below, London, have either boxwood (a staple) and ivy which are the best fillers.

White is a necessity, as well, as it makes the rest of the vignette just "pop"! As below, ferns are ideal as they really fill in the blank spots and always look so beautiful!

As with window boxes, with people, St. Vincent de Paul so wisely said,"Make it a practice to judge persons and things in the most favorable light at all times and under all circumstances." My most important "practice" is being generous in the way I view people, striving for "graciousness", so as I am cultivating my beautiful boxes, I will be praying for the gift of seeing people, all people, as Christ does...with "Abundant Generousness" as author Debbie Macomber (One Simple Act) phrases it! Happy cultivating!
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