Monday, August 1, 2011

The house you're building, on solid rock for an audience of ONE

While pondering the prudence of devoting resources; days, money and energy for a Media Tour for " & Design" interviews, my friend (Lorianne) mentioned that I consider the blessing of time, connection, and fun with Hannah (who is always for adventure)! Thus begun the praying*, pondering, planning and ultimately P*urchasing (tickets, hotels, etc..) for an audience of one.

Inspiringly talented people from New Mexico, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Florida, Texas, moved and touched our spirits, in ways that are beyond words. That our country is still filled, cities to towns, with faith-filled, intelligent people whose stories are as interesting and varied as the shells upon the beach was not only heartening but deeply motivating. Yet, our audience is an audience of one.

Ted Gonzales, Hannah and her Marshmallow-Outfitted mom (who is clearly not above posting a lousy pic of herself!!) on set: GAP, Son Network, New Mexico. He was a well-spoken, knowledgeable man of God, with a profoundly interesting story. Arriving at 8am for Praise & Worship, Han and I sang and worshipped, became one in mission, for a LIVE hour show, broadcast LIVE!!! I know, I know I said that. It broadcast 3 times that day countrywide, but really our audience was an audience of one.

Monica M. Schmelter, Author of: Right Sizing Your Life: Losing 70 Lbs. , and host of "Bridges" on CTN, was our gracious and hospitable host!

Traveling through 10 cities, 10 airports, as I listened I was transformed. Pondering not just the power of the Holy Spirit to transform a life, but more (importantly) that HE* wants to!

As Hannah and I sat in the "Green Room", the prayer hotline rang incessantly. A sweet lady prayed with aching people, in need of God's love. If I ever forgot the fabric of our faith-filled country and this HOUSE IS BUILT UPON....I was happily encouraged-what we (the collective WE here) are doing MATTERS! Spending time together, building our "house", which could mean a variety of things: The fabric of "Inspired" Design, family relationship, strong faithful relationships across country to glorify our maker but mostly relishing the idea that I am ultimately living for an audience of ONE, pleasing ONE.*

Matthew 7:24
Everyone who hears these words of Mine*** and acts on them, may be compared to a wise man who built his house on the rock.
* The reason: My Audience is an audience of ONE.
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