Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Finding Kind, The HELP et all

Have you ever been the one who has been intentionally excluded? Worse yet, has your sweet son or daughter been the one time after time that has been excluded, leaving you to take a deep breath, give a big hug, and wipe the tears away trying to give a soothing explanation?
Words alone...can never describe the pain of watching a child suffer like that. Clearly a debilitating illness and many other tragedies are worse, however watching your child be left out stabs at a certain part of your heart that nothing else can. We love our children with an intensity that cannot be described....Imagine what our Creator feels like when HIS children are treated like that. I believe it breaks God's heart....

I am finding it interesting that The Movie: The Help is so popular now, #1 at the box office this past weekend. I found it heart-wrenching from beginning to end. Not only was the character "Millie" astoundingly cruel but to make matters worse the "crowd" followed her in her unkindness. Remember the darling blonde in the high heels coming to the door to bring her a pie and Millie had everyone "hide"? As if (can't find her name anywhere) the cute blonde was impervious and clueless and didn't know what was going on? I could hardly sit through that scene.

This leads right in to how to combat bullying, mean spiritedness.....Finding "KIND"
Finding Kind's beautiful (20year old) founders Molly and Lauren will share with us at our Casual Afternoon Tea how the bullying or "mean" girls changed their lives in middle school, then we will host the Movie Premiere!
Our first "EVENT" this year of is September 25! We will be hosting the PREMIERE of the Finding Kind Documentary Movie at 5pm. Order Tickets, now!

If you want to help change lives, bring a teenage girl. Better yet, bring several. It is worth the drive from Orange County, Santa Barbara or wherever!
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