Thursday, August 4, 2011

Kind Hospitality Outside the Home

From Pittsburgh to Santa Fe...
Kind touches and attention to detail have the ability to make one feel so welcomed. I'm just highlighting (from our Inspired trips) the little touches that can make the difference. Monica Schmelter, Host of Bridges mentioned during our interview, that one of the most memorable dinners her friends ever had for her was one where they did some simple and easy things, but she still remembers today. It wasn't the high cost/elegant location that made it memorable but the time they took which made her realize, "Wow, the time and attention into making me feel special. It did just that and more," related Monica.

At the darling Tea House, after Bridges interview...A simple cream cheese sandwich which they patted in dill. The presentation was magnificent yet so simple.

Monica...Her simple welcoming hug and words, " We are so happy to have you here", asking us if we wanted some tea, to make ourselves comfortable, basically all so simple to say...but kindness that put us at ease and made us feel so at home. Words (free!) can make all the difference for hospitality outside the home, to make you feel "At home"

This little cactus flower was on our room service tray in Santa Fe! What a delightful tiny detail that was beautiful and so flavorful of the area! Thoughtful and unique! A snippet from a plant in a votive candle holder!

This was from last night, but so cute and poignant I had to include it. My 14 year old son eats about 10 meals a day now, as he is apparently in a growth spurt. We had some friends stop by late in the evening as they are having a mouse infestation problem...their little boy is just mesmerized by my son, who just loves little Wyatt. Well, Wyatt saw Justin's newly made Youtube videos (of trains and helicopters, that I had taken him at 5am!!-mommy points--- to film for 3 hours---coffee, yes) and said while sitting down to watch Justin eat his 8th meal @9pm, "Justin, I like your video's.....and (with his big wide beautiful eyes open) I also like waffles." Cute, a polite reminder to always offer your food to your guests. After laughing (hard) Justin said,"Wyatt I will share with you.." So....this is them sharing Justin's waffles.

Valeria, the makeup artist, who worked on Hannah before the show, (Picture actually of the makeup artist in of her many hats) was kind and warm and made us feel so great! It was the first official make up session for a show, so we were a tad trepidacious, although I could get used to that! (If only someone could do my hair everyday, like Nancy Pelosi-ugh-that is a whole other topic)

Toni Hembree, was our interviewer/host for His Place and She and her station were so incredibly hospitable. She is sooooo young and married for only 3 years, I say that counts as a newylwed. Her sweet grace put us at ease at once, and her ability on the set was professional, capable, and so graceful. (She is our March Speaker!!!) They had a "Green Room" where we waited to be called for the shows, that was filled with ice water, fruit, books by authors they had interviewed, coffee, tea etc... Robin Hieple, the producer of His Place, also came in to welcome us and ask us if we had questions! (overwhelming evidence of Christ's love abounded in this place) Her mother in law, Cathy Hembree, the host for Focus4, interviewed us. She is a woman after my own heart, came into the Green Room and welcomed us so heartily! She was energetic and passionate about hospitality and family, and embraced the "Inspired" mission of bringing back hospitality and celebrating our daughters, and all the corresponding relationships. She is also can tell when you watch the show! (They are all in the process of going up on our site) All of the places we visited encouraged me, again, what the collective WE are doing is evident and making a difference across our marvelous country!

I love that it doesn't say PERFECT hospitality, just practice it!
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