Monday, June 4, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things...

I'm going to begin a series to kick off the summer, especially poignant to me as my beloved daughter will go off to college in the fall!

The style I'm sticking with is the blogging is more thoughts and ideas, rather than essays. One of my favorite blogs Ann Voscamps "1000 blessings" is written in that style and I love!

Blessings Abound will be a series of 10 of my favorite things, beginning with today's family & friends.
The scripture "Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of YOUR heart." has been ever-present on my heart and mind lately. Because God knows even more than we do what is deep in our souls, our deepest dream and HE wants to bring all those desires, hopes and dreams to fruition. I think we often underestimate how much He wants to bless us...
My family and my friends (old and new) are my greatest joy, and I'm guessing you are right there in the same boat as me! What could be better than being surrounded by our parents, children and those we love. Nothing! (in my book)
So I'll share with you the blessings of Graduation Week...
I'll list, then you can scroll. Don't forget in July/August we will have a new look on Web & Blog! Yea!

Beautiful flowers to celebrate,
A lovely gift by my longtime friend Deana to celebrate this momentous occasion of HS Graduation with a hand painted scripture onto Hannah's Sport of Polevaulting. The thoughtfulness and remembrance of this special gift is truly special. At a loss for words....
Baccalaureate Program, special celebration for privilege of attending a Christian School that we adore.
Longtime friends...graduating together.
Hannah & Hunter. So sweet.
Celebration with family, at our home afterwards. Sweet & simple design to celebrate....more tomorrow!

Love to our sweet family and friends. Love to my moms sweet friends who remembered Hannah's big day. I love you guys. Thank you's on the way!!!
More tomorrow on sweet sentiments....

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