Thursday, June 7, 2012

Small blessings not small at all

I'm so excited to share with you some of my favorite blessings.

You might think them small, but they are not small at all.
The quote below by Mother Teresa says this most profoundly...
Small things with great love.
I hope the top question I have answered on radio and tv programs across the country is "What if I don't have "X" which has varied from tons of time, excess money, huge house, gourmet cooking skills etc.. 
People are touched by thoughts in action,
not intentions...
Sometimes just doing it, while not perfectly
Turns out to be perfectly just what was needed.
done without a cent,
without much time,
some  more time intensive,
with little financial investment,
others more costly,
some very time consuming...
 a variety of ideas to touch someone

A lovely text from Marta, saying something that was "inspiring" or the following sentence that reminded another friend of me... (She actually took a picture of the page and texted it to me)
"Often it is enough to know that others have crossed the bridge before us and found their way safely to the other side. Sometimes those who falter simply need a glance back from a sister who is already safely there. The look back is enough to communicate, "Hey, sister! I am out here, and not only is it all is all good!" (page 80, Lioness Arising, by Lisa Bevere)

Beautiful Quote
Painting of something special (I did this for my mom of her house for her birthday) to someone...
Lovely 40th Birthday to celebrate SHE gave us a night on the beach to pray over us (I felt like it was my birthday AND how blessed to have such a thoughtful friend~Stacey!!!)
Bible verses chosen by S. for each of us, framed with beautiful graphics. Mine was Proverbs 31:25 
Beautifully set table...Whether china or paper...A beautiful tabletop speaks to me!
Praying beautiful words over each other...Heidi reading some over Birthday Girl....
Flowers on another tabletop arranged by Suzanne, some from her own backyard...
Lovely Food prepared by Brad, beautiful and delicious, laughter abounding...
Children around, smiling for the camera...simple blessing, not small at all.
Old friends (24+ years) sharing stories with great wit (he has some great ones as a gold medalist in Olympics)...
Painting in the garden with the teenagers to great music (Garden another blessing/diff day)...
Special party for "Old Friends" to simply celebrate friendship and the lovely quotes, food, tabletop and decor that went with it, to celebrate "Authentic, longtime and genuine" friendship~enough said??

These small blessings are not small at all.....


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