Friday, August 31, 2012

A missing child

As you know, I sent off my precious child (ok, adult) to college last week. While I prayed, pondered and wrote about bittersweet I am truly thankful that Hannah is at a college who is continuing to train her up in the way she should go. I am now no longer the primary influencer in her day, the Lord is the one who is her "inspirer" in a very real way now. I am thankful that transition has begun beautifully. As you may know (I have lots of new readers from Pinterest now) I try to use the verse above, in a page from Inspired Design (our book) as my life's motto. (Phil 4:8)

There are times when this is more challenging than others and this is one of them.

My friend, Christi Goeser, a beloved teacher of both my children has a missing child. She and her family are experiencing very real crisis. Before I share with you the details, in hopes that you will share with your friends, I want to share with you why Christi is special to me. My son was diagnosed with a learning disability, nothing dramatic, however a very real cause to why his reading comprehension was causing anguish to our very bright, artistic and outside of the box child. In tears we had many meetings with Christi who prayed with us, and help us find the solution: ultimately an education specialist who worked with us and Justin to help him. Although still tremendously difficult for him, Justin received all A's and B's last semester. I credit the dedication of this special teacher and a few others with finding out this issue to fix it, which leads me to try to help her son, David and his family try to find him.

He is missing.
It is clearly breaking the hearts of his family: Mom, Christi     Dad, Mark    Sister, Jessica
If this was my child, I would want everyone I know to drop everything and find him. Now, there have been searches which turned up his car, most of his personal items were left in his college room. But the most important thing: He has not been found yet. My heart broke and I cried, as did my children, when we heard this story. He is a young man who receives honors at UCLA, whose family loves him.

Will you help me? My prayers today are strong, that these sightings will lead to David being spotted, and found. He is struggling with some health issues and is under a doctors care. He needs to be on his medication and truly this could be the tool God uses to save his life. Will you please help me today.
I wish I could do more, that we could more. But God is in charge of miracles, so let's ask for one!

Watch this Youtube Clip, from his sister Jessica    and SHARE this page on your Facebook, forward the email, you can even post posters and pray that God will make the divine connection and someone from this blog or Pinterest or facebook will see David and he will make connection with his family.

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