Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I've never really understood that word like I have the past several days, probably culminating on Thursday and Friday when I drop off Hannah at college. She is lovely, intelligent and prepared. She has worked hard for her achievements. Her work ethic is astounding. This is what we prepared her for.

Wow, though, it IS hard. I thought because she is somewhat local it would be an insignificant transition, but I underestimated how much I treasure and adore her. As we have bought dorm items, new school clothes, and  more I realize as I pass her room that it will be empty soon. It is just so simple, I will miss her, my sweet best friend.

As with any rite of passage I realize that I am just one of many mothers giving her children wings, but the feeling is no less real and no less bittersweet. I will take comfort in friends that have gone before me, not realizing how they must have needed me...but I just didn't realize...

Since I use Phil 4:8 as my "life~filter" verse,  I will share some gorgeous photographs by Mark Lohman for our book (Inspired Design)!   I'm choosing to focus on the amazing time we had creating the book, founding Inspired31.org and everything in the last 18 years with Hannah!  All of it pure joy. For some of you who are new, and those old friends and followers, I want to share with you an intimate slice of a conversation with my husband. He is the most humble man I know, concise with words or frivolous drivel. He says only the minimal necessary.  I, well, not so much.  It is from this I choose to share because the processing so many of us do together is helpful to each other. My intent is always to share and look at the positive side of life (Life verse Phil 4:8, whatever things are excellent, pure, praiseworthy...think on these things), because well we all go through difficult trials, some big some small and so much of life is the way you CHOOSE to look at/handle the situation not always just the circumstances. He says I should share that these always come from a celebratory perspective not a boastful one. Because we are women I know we can relate to being out of balance. I hope that you'll know my heart is to share the joy and wonderful occasions, to focus on the excellent.  I love to focus on the beautiful and excellent.

So, after I get my chicklet off to school and celebrate my parents 50th Wedding anniversary I have a fun new project to share with you. It is something that is before and after, it is looking at the rudimentary then the beautiful. I think you will love it.  Blessings to you and may you too, be looking at that which is excellent and praiseworthy! This week it will be my constant prayer! oxoxo

It is this  Check out our new blog designs (and new features by clicking on Inspired Design at top) If you have words of wisdom, please share below! oxxo

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Debby Steele said...

Oh, this is soooo bittersweet. It's so hard to let them go, isn't it? I will be a mess when Logan (my baby) goes off to college in two years. I already told her that if she goes to a college far from home, I'm following her! xo

Inspired Design said...

Debby....oh yes so much so!!! oxoxxo It's been quite a week!!

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