Wednesday, September 5, 2012

50th Anniversary Party

Beautiful 50 Wedding Anniversary for my Parents

We celebrated the most lovely of events, a week or so ago, my parents 50th Anniversary! Wow! 
It is not common I realize, but they are still as in love (more) than all those years ago. I thought I would just share some thoughts for my tribute/toast before they surprise!!! renewed their vows! 
I love the cardboard cutout they had here of their original wedding party. 
It was a brilliant celebration, made perfect by the friends of a lifetime that celebrated with us. 
Tribute at the bottom of the pictures.

Legacy: Long marriage is Inspiring (These are my notes, please forgive format)
Jump right in with my best description of how I see my parents: Loyal, honest, intense, intense, (yes, intense) loving, devoted and deeply kind.
Of all those adjectives deeply kind is how I see them both due to the depth in which they feel things. Not only with myself and my kids, but when a friend or loved one of theirs is suffering they often lay awake all night trying to figure out how to help, or just praying, thinking God's blessing and healing over them.
We were raised in a "Christian" household, but no church or formal stuff. However I think the reason I have such a deep faith is I watched them walk out true faith, in action not words. In our culture, in some ways I have painfully witnessed, "Christian" talk with no substance... but I was blessed to grow up watching a man deeply love and honor his wife. I watched my mom be a "MOM" devotedly, and proudly, however always being a devoted, fun, sports-fan wife of which always made my dad so proud. She took good care of herself, and always BETTER care of my dad, because she loves him so much. I see it every day of my life. It is why we love to spend time with them. (more on this~want some surprises dad) My dad never cussed my entire childhood (ok, within ear shot of me), came to every track meet, wrote me notes of encouragement and told me that I could do everything I set my mind to. Since my dad was always right, I believed him. My mom loved hosting people and practicing hospitality (Romans 13:14) showing God's love through opening her doors. She took/takes it seriously because it is her love language NOT because she is trying to impress others.
Always struck by how humble and private my parents are. When I was first married I thought they didn't like lots of people together, but I was wrong in my assessment. I have learned while raising my own family it is because they cherish their lifelong friends, and not that they don't want new ones, but that they love so deeply they want ample time with their dear friends. Meeting them briefly one would get a very different impression but knowing them deeply like we all do in this room you know that they are intensely loyal, deep friends, who wouldn't say a bad thing to anyone about those they love. 
Life isn't always smooth sailing (to take a metaphor out of my mom's childhood spent on the Shawnee, my Grandfathers beloved ketch) and during those times my mom has been a devoted caregiver, or cheerleader, and confidant when needed. The saying behind every successful man is a supportive woman is a dramatic understatement in this case. When my mom has suffered deep heartache my dad was the patient listening ear, supportive shoulder and pourer of great wine!!! My favorite verse Phil 4:8 (and 9 in this case) says it all...
Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!

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