Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Beautiful Valentines Day Ideas

Creative Active Ways to Encourage Others on Valentines Day: Actions Speak Louder than Words...
A handwritten note in the mail with quotes, scriptures and words of encouragement is a wonderful thing.
A sticky note on your child/husband’s pillow. A note on the bathroom mirror or car window in red lipstick saying “I love you”.
An email to say “Thank you, you bless me” or a poem, scripture or photograph to remind them they are remembered.
If someone has lost a loved one, some kind words of ways that loved one inspired you to do something better, that their legacy is living on.
Take time out of your days to meet someone for coffee, lunch, long walk, or a phone message with a sweet sentiment. If you have more time take a picnic basket to their home. Set up a lunch, tea or coffee, with all your tea cups or such and candle. It is a lovely surprise. Just rinse when finish and pack back up so they don’t even have to do dishes. They have a lovely memory of a special time.
Flowers hanging on the front door handle, pretty tiny package in the mailbox with a beautiful red bow, cookies delivered to the front door. Perhaps a special plate for your children that says you are special for breakfast with something that you have noticed your child doing especially well on lately. Especially significant if your child has struggled with something, comment on their effort if you can’t think of anything else. (Friends as well)
Of course this takes more time, but try for a beautiful table setting complete with candles, fresh greens or flowers and a lovely menu either handwritten or printed out on your computer. (Go onto my pinterest account, via my blog, and you can print out some darling printouts, including gift tags, and much more) Don’t concentrate on the gourmet or complicated quality of the meal: remember it is about relationship and encouragement!
A beautiful table for Valentines simply consists of reds, pinks and perhaps some purple. (Although it could be beautiful in all white) Of course, it has to have some hearts and some colorful candles. Nothing encourages more than a meal together. It begins with the invitation, continues through the effort and thought of the beauty of the table and really is significant because of the bonding and conversation. Bless you as you bless others.
All silver in today's blog is from my grandpda & great-grandpa (Allan Adler & Porter Blanchard)

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