Friday, October 7, 2011

Warm and Cozy Fall Design: Thankful

Welcome, I hear from you all that the more pictures I have the better.

These are taken at my home at the Inspired Steering Meeting, to plan our next event featuring my friend and news reporter Amy Johnson! The girls will learn all about the news business, working in the media and she has some wonderful things to share. I am so excited. So, welcome to the meeting....Let me share a few things with you!

1. Our girls have fun!
2. Never dull moment!
3. They are comfortable sharing their feelings with the moms...Whether it went well, or not! :)

THANK YOU was the theme! I tried to write it everywhere: chalkboards, placecard tiles, banners, frames etc...

THANK YOU because our events go amazingly well because of the teamwork of the moms and daughters! A million thank you's wouldn't cut it....

My girlfriend calls people who bring joy to others "light workers" so I gave all the Mother-Daughter pairs, candles to go home and remember they are light workers!

My fabulous cupcakes (not!) They did taste delicious, though!

I bought this felt string of flowers in New Mexico and love it for running along the middle of the table, around the candles. The man who sold it to me in an Indian store said it was a scarf??? Doesn't look like a scarf to me....

My favorite seasonal decorations are always photographs in the colored frames for the season! I bring out the appropriate frames and they make me so happy! Although, I do have to say, Where did all that time go? Look at little Justin sitting on the hay bale! :) Sooo cute!

Always a way to work in what I am most thankful for...A creator who loves me and cares about all these little details of our lives.

Two favorites of mine that can be changed out every season/month: Hurricane Candle Holders, with terra cotta bases, and a rustic 3 tier tray! I love switching it out to the right season.

I found these gorgeous amber glasses at an estate sale. It turns out it was the man who planned my sisters wedding. Small world.

Quotes, sayings and especially scripture are my favorite accessory!
From Inspired Design:
Don’t for one minute think that your lack of or excess of resources has anything to do with your contribution to the beauty of this world. You never know how someone will be touched by the little things you do—and by the little ways you make your home more inviting. Possessions and pretensions have nothing to do with it! Your willingness and action do.

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