Tuesday, September 27, 2011

No room for HATE, or unkindness of any kind....Finding Kind

Bullying has been in the news like crazy, with a particularly sad story on the TODAY show, this morning where Ann Curry asked the parents of a boy who committed suicide, if they thought the "church" was responsible for this in any way because of their "views" (phraseology may have been different) Let me be clear, there is no room for any kind of hating in a Christ-followers heart. Kindness is a fruit of the spirit and one we are all striving for. Our last event, for Inspired31.org, was featuring FINDING KIND, a documentary and movement, to help bring awareness to bullying and unkindness: pointing all to being KIND. The last sentence in their documentary: We can't all be beautiful, we can't all be smart: BUT we can all be KIND.
Here are some beautiful pics, from our event. I will post more in a day or two!

Our "Anthropology" style decor. I might say it is hip, however if I were to say that my daughter might say it is immediately not hip-due to that comment. Myself and Deana, Danica and Diore Blaisdale made those cool stands with verses! More decorations next month, after more man-power...or girl-power!

Beautiful voices above of Teresa and Megan Rittenhouse.

Our Producer Pair, Marta and Tabitha Brown

Our Amazing Chapter from Santa Barbara (our 2nd official one) with Peggy and Christie and their darling daughters. We are so excited to have this new comraderie with our "Sisters"! They are an amazing bunch with fun ideas.

Two of our most sweet and beautiful Seniors-although they all are.....MacKenzie and Cassie.

A lovely mother daughter pair, enjoying the tea, Macy and Kristy Ens. Macy has baked cupcakes for us for the entire first year! Perfect example of that"Finding and Following God's gifting" that is our mission.

Molly and Lauren (and a darling attendee) the founders of Finding Kind, two beautiful young 20's who were bullied mercilessly in middle school, and when in Pepperdine decided to do something about the epidemic of "unkind". Amazing documentary that left not a dry eye in the crowd. Meaningful, impactful and in the theatres now, there is not a female on the planet who wouldn't benefit from seeing this movie, made by these amazing young girls: amazing role models for our teens. (Stories about girls and mom bullies and it's devestating impact)

Molly and Lauren with some darling girls at the event.

Our Steering Committee! (Well, those who stayed til the very end) Double long event with a tea AND a movie! What troopers!
Ecclesiastes 3:11
He has made everything beautiful in its time.
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