Saturday, September 10, 2011

Preparing The Way

Preparing the way they should go, so when they are old they shall not depart from it...
Such an important task, preparing the way for our children (Can I say that since Hannah is almost 18?)...
This table was set entirely by Hannah, for her "Formal Dinner" as she calls it with her friends! (Yes, entirely their idea!!) I came out and saw this beautiful table and my heart was warm. It was beautifully done as a gesture for the friends she loves. (The beautiful crystal was for sparkling apple juice, of course)(You can double click on pics to make them bigger)

This is a bit longer today, but work with me :) What is the kindest thing you can remember someone doing for you? What is the meanest thing that has ever been done to you? (Tomorrow/Next Blog I will do 10 easy ideas to "be kind" to others that they will remember)

While preparing for our FINDING KIND documentary premiere at on the 25th, it got me thinking about the 18 years of preparation I have given Hannah, and that you are giving your children (and grandchildren). It is the practical, spiritual, emotional and physical training. But perhaps it is the example we "are" with what we "do" that is what they will follow! (Scares me, too) Pondering that thought, is awesome for me, and humbling! (oh so humbling)
Do I always treat people the way Christ would? Really, if Jesus was here on earth, although He has rules and justice, etc...I imagine HIS kindness and love could almost be felt and seen, almost as if it were tangible. Do you know what I mean? The leper's, the prostitutes, the somewhat humanly-unlovable...that is who He loved! Quite an example.

So, upon deeply thinking (praying and preparing) for FINDING KIND, I have been studying the issues that prompted the darling 20-something founders Molly and Lauren to travel the country making this documentary movie: Middle School and Bullying. But that is so distracting a title because Bullying conjurs up kids hiding in the bushes, punches, black eyes etc.. But you know what? According to Focus on the Family's ( & documentary) it is most common in the form of "Verbal/Social Bullying", name calling, verbal abuse and intentional exclusion, according to monthly newsletter topic: "bullying".

So if we are training our children, as they should go...
We need to deliberately BE inclusive. Our kids "know" if there is someone we don't include. Shall we BE the difference for our kids?

In the amazing movie THE HELP, Hillie, was the "bully". You know what was amazing, though? My friend Joy pointed out: she manipulated those around her without words. Most of the time it was the pressure to follow her "mean" ways, that led to the unkind, horrifying treatment of all those around her. I figured out (with the help of my mother in law) that Miss. Celia was the blonde in high heels who took a pie to the door of the "ladies". She stood at the door with the kind gesture(pie), and kept knocking, hearing the whispering, and seeing the women hide.......My heart just ached for her. I have been that girl. My children have been that girl. Perhaps you have been that girl?

I (on behalf of's Steering Team, and FINDING KIND) cordially invite you to join us on September 25 for Tea and the documentary .
If you life far away (That's no excuse!!) plan an outing with your friends, bring some girls. I am confidant it might just change your life. No matter what your age. Yes, that means you!

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