Friday, November 19, 2010

Thankfulness: Blessings of Friendship

Since I look to my dear friends, some pictured on this page, as an example: I'd have to say: Celebrating each others gifts, and overlooking & forgiving weakness. I am thankful that my friends truly celebrate me, yet forgive (and more importantly forget) my weakness. Not having to be the best at everything allows friendship to flourish. Competition kills the intimacy needed in friendship. I love when my friends are good at something.

Courtney, my friend since my USC days, and I can not see each other for months, but talk and text frequently, and pick up like college was yesterday. The blessings of friendship are incalcuable to me, and I think God gives you friends as a huge gesture of love and mercy and grace. (Proverbs 17:17, 18:24)
My "playgroup" friends (you'd think we'd come up with a better name, as there are probably millions of playgroups across America) have been friends for almost 18 years, and currently make up a large part of the steering committee of Inspired 31. Deana, Kathleen, Me and Nancy (just back from a 3 month RV trip), Lorianne (In Nashville), Camille and Joy!

Joy is how I am finishing this post! (See: She is our "Inspired Cuisine", probably known to you as the "Scone lady", and such a dear example of unconditional & sweet friendship, always celebrating others success and talents/gifts. The article if you cut and paste the http above ( I tried to copy the article but this blog would not let me) highlights her and her amazing talents and gifts for baking. "Cooking is a way I show people I care about them. When else will you or your family spend time together if not for a meal?" says Joy. I cannot count the times when I pop over to her house for tea, and she pops in a scone, and just stay a minute (in my world, that is an hour)! She is a treasured friend to me, and the steering committee, and now to Inspired 31.

I am blessed to have old friends, and I'm so happy to have all you new ones! (Inspired 31 etc...)

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