Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Inspired 31...
Teaching girls to find & follow God's path for their life, unique and one of a kind, and a place for encouragement, inclusiveness, grace and joy for ALL women & girls!

Wow, "Ministry of Giving: Kindness, Acts of Service and Gifts", was a real blessing for all involved. Gushed Kathleen, one darling mom, "The entire flow of the day was perfect!!! What Debbie Marshall (Director of the Heart of Hope Ministry, Intl.) said flowed great into what Jill Foster, author of Creative Cakes Anyone Can Make spoke on. I think the idea of "giving to others" was communicated wonderfully! Many moms and young ladies came up to me and said they apprieciated the "different examples" that showed how they found God's will for their lives. To God be the glory, that He can use each of us, with our different gifts, on this earth!!! :-)

Our mission at Inspired 31 is to show girls (and women) that it isn't what you have that matters, but that you use what you have to give to others. Our hope is that through all our different speakers it will touch each one differently, to use your gifts "heartily, as unto the Lord".

I was profoundly touched on Sunday, with the spirit of joy that permeated the room. Each person seemed to love one particular aspect of the day. Jill Foster, one of our amazing speakers, commented, "Your ministry Inspired 31 is amazing. First off - you have a fantastic team. It is really remarkable how fast the tables were set, decorated, along with the program detailed down to the minute. What a testimony to the girls of what it takes to make something really great! My sister and I had a great time meeting everyone. We went out for Sushi afterwards and just shared how fun and nice everyone was."

Part of the reason the atmosphere was so joy filled, is because each speaker, and mother daughter team truly is using her gifts. While creating the "Steering Committee" of Inspired 31, we emphasized that we wanted each person to use their giftedness to honor others. It took months for that to fall into place, with great dedication to prayer in order that each person was tailor made for that position, by God and his wisdom. It was a long process, but beginning and ending with prayer is sure a perfect start!

Another element of the atmosphere is the Cornerstone Verse: Philippians 4:8
Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable-if anything is excellent or praiseworthy-think about such things. We believe, as a steering committee, that if we as women/girls run everything through the mental filter of this verse that sometimes typical "girl" stuff is eliminated. Offense, negativity and gossip is eliminated when asking God, Is it true? Is it pure? Is it lovely?

The last element is deep, lasting, God-honoring friendship. Some of the steering , have been friends for almost twenty years. (I know we look much younger :) Deana, Kathleen and I have been friends from MOPS and playgroup 17 years ago. We were nursing mothers, at home, getting used to this new thing "motherhood" together. Melissa knew Deana and Kathleen at MOPS. Wendy and I, forged a friendship over 10 years ago while I was designing her home! Many other of the girls (yes us over 40 crowd :) have been attending church together for years. Trust is one element of friendship and knowing the faithfulness of these girls makes it so easy to work alongside one another, easily.

Here are some wonderful friendship & thankfulness verses!
Proverbs 27:17, Proverbs 27:9, Proverbs 17:17, Proverbs 18:24

Here's to new friendships, and wonderful old ones, one is silver the other is gold! Always be open to new friendships, God often times has the best friends in mind for you. It may be sitting at a table, at Inspired 31, where you don't know anyone. Some of the best blessings come when you least expect them!

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