Sunday, April 8, 2012


We are in Romania! In the next entry we will show you photographs of where the money has gone, if you have bought a book. For today wețll show you the journey up to arriving at ȚcampȚ (ok this is on a Romanian keyboard so it is doing some wacky things)
First picture is in Bran Castle, named after Vlad Dracule (Better known as Dracula or Vlad the Impaler). My daughter and her lifelong friend Maddie (whose mom is my dear playgroup friend, Camille) at the castle. OK, these girls love photographs!
The castle was small-sh, rustic and lovely, quite a constrast from the first palce we saw in Bucharest, the capital, which was called Țhe Peoplețs Palace (Rom.keyboard-ugh). You can see the photographs below esp. the chandalier. Built by dictator Ceuascscu in 7 years it is the second largest building in the world. The Pentagon is the biggest. Twenty Two floors underground alone. The dictator tore down entire cityblocks to build this palace. He was executed before he ever inhabited it. 40,000 homes were torn down to build it.
The chandlier had 7,000 light bulbs and is still the biggest in the world.
I will show you more photograps of the palace when I return to the states, the facts will fascinate you especially when you put it into context with the extreme poverty facing the country then.
Todaz we are at home of hope )not spelling its this computer), where we are putting together Easter bags for the villages. The teenagers are packing the bags up while I am going to speak to the graduates and current residents of Home of Hope girls home about valuing who God created them to be and not comparing zourselves to others. Apparentlz, according to Debbie, the director of Heart of Hope a universal issue with women!
I will be teaching them to make rolz pancakes, breakfast bread dish etc...
I hope to get to this computer again, while we were here. The teenage girls we have taken from Oaks Christian are amaying and working hard. Thez are cheerful and lovelz!
I am so excited to show you pictures of today and where your funds have gone if you have bought a book, as it is astounding!
Blessings to you and Happy Easter!

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