Thursday, April 26, 2012

Delicious Details from Inspired Board Meeting

From Romania to Board Meeting to Hospitality...
At our last wrap-up with the teens was the "take-away" from our mission trip, with Natalie sharing how trite it would be to "be more grateful", she challenged us to also BE different...
What would that look like?
for  these teen girls?
How could they change their high school for the better?
Don't worry about being embarrassed
or perceptions of others
just smile
What would I do to BE different?
how can I let this not affect me to the point of inaction
to change the lives of these sweet, children?
was it an hour?
and just an hour alone?
for me, not just an hour
what next
So, this quarterly board meeting  served to solidify the bigger mission. To approve the new mission statement, set in motion the fundraiser for the "bigger picture", including a new website, video and more. I will share it next blog. It is nice  short, succinct! 
We pray, seek God's direction, will and blessing. 
 Love to cook for some of my favorite people
 Sauteing the onions
Cooking the delicious tortilla soup
 Yes I sautéed the carrots too, to brown them. So Yummy.
 Above and below the fresh herbs in my new herb garden which I will share's dreamy and very french, complete with a lovely fountain in the middle of all the vegetable and herb beds. I think our June 23 Fundraiser might just be there!

 The roasted potatoes with salt, rosemary and olive oil, learned from my mom, of course!
 Yes, a Pinterest idea for minted fruit salad. I should have sliced the mint. (Pinterest-join me if you haven't already, button on side of blog) I used the leftovers in a pitcher of water, so today I am really drinking water because it is minty with a hint of berry!
 The leeks that I used for the soup were so pretty that I used the ends for garnish. I love my cheese platter made of concrete. 
 Of course these potatoes look gorgeous on MacKenzie Childs pottery! They were so delicious.
 So sometimes people think, too expensive...So just take 3 guesses at where I got this pitcher and how much it was? OK  1 2 3? Home Goods and $5.99! So there! I served the Olive Oil for the bread in this!  The plate underneath was from anthropologie and $12.
 Board of Directors, so far! Dr. Scott (my hubbie is Chairman, also on Church Elder Board, YMCA Board, and HOH Board), Marta B, Hollywood Producer (before kiddos) & Inspired Producer for all including upcoming video's, Tom L, god-father/mentor to hubbie and I, dear family friend and Chairman of Stamps Foundation, Elder and Kenny K, business pastor at our church! All are strong Christian people of character, who put God's revealing word as a daily requirement (although none of us are perfect-of course)! They have high standards, ethics and astout businessmen/women and are carrying out Inspired's mission "To inspired women and teenage girls to find, follow and celebrate God's will for their life"....
Be blessed!  Roxanne

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