Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Those Designer Genes: Nostalgic for Grandpa Allan

I was reading through my emails, and one from my mom caught my attention: Just a copy for her to proof read. No big deal, but sometimes that bit of nostalgia, missing someone that you love just comes out of nowhere...I found myself missing my treasured Grandpa Allan! He was simply the best Grandpa ever, which I guess needs no more explanation. I read with such interest the "facts!" (There is a big exhibition at Los Angeles County Museum of Art in October, which will feature both Grandpa Allan Adler, and Great Grandpa Porter Blanchard, called: Design in the Modern Art at LACMA) The "facts" are just the beginning...

Norman Rockwell, painted the above featuring Grandpa Porters Silver Coffee Pot.

My grandparents home was just the most stylish home ever! Yet it was the hospitable touches that have etched it in my memory forever. (I'll do my next blog on just the house, designed by Scollard Maas, the architect) (You can see it huge, if you double click on the pictures!! )

Great-Grandpa Porter...hammering away! Not glamorous work, but in "Silver in the Golden State", he is quoted as saying (at the Arts and Crafts Society of Southern California Fiesta, upon relocating from Boston) ...."the Society believes in the infinite value of its handicrafts as true examples of careful, loving design and workmanship, well done and well worthwhile for their own value, and the influence for the better they have undoubtedly have on other industry."
I am so inspired by this creative intuition. In today's culture we, generally, have lost the idea "CRAFTSMANSHIP"(It takes time).

I'm getting a bit nostalgic (ok, my daughter is a "Senior" in just 3 "nostalgia" is likely to last throughout the upcoming year-hang on I'm going to get really sappy) thinking of my dear Grandpa Allan, just above. He was inspiring in Silver, Modern Design, Arts and Crafts Movement in California, but he was truly inspiring in the way he treated others. He always used his words in an encouraging way "You can do anything My Rocky".........
So, Grandpa, you are the "inspired" design of the day...

Proverbs 25:11
A word aptly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver.

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