Sunday, June 5, 2011

Inclusive Homes, Inclusive People

O.K. This is the first post I have not wanted to write, honestly.
But you know when God is prompting you to do something, and you drag your feet? You kind of argue with yourself for a while first, then you ask for a sign (like a fleece) and then you get one. You write that off as a coincidence, but on the third sign you realize: Gotta do it.

written by Dr. Ian Armstrong, my dear friend's husband. It caught my thoughts that bullying wasn't usually/always physical, but that it was more subtle. One thing I had never considered was that "Intentional Exclusion from Activities" was something that is considered bullying, the consequences are devestating, to the person excluded, see article. (click on above to link)

Since is about teenage girls and Inspired Design is about home, I feel perhaps the reason I was suppossed to write this is because our children learn from us what is ok! If we are ok with hitting and punching, they will imitate. Obviously, most of us aren't ok with that kind of blatent harm/cruely. But, what about intentional exlusion? What about the other forms of indirect bullying? I really began some thinking about this. I'd never considered this a form of bullying.

As a Christ follower the scripture that keeps coming to mind is Mathew 25:45, which is: "And he will answer, 'I tell you the truth, when you refused to help the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were refusing to help me.'

Always being inclusive is such a biblical concept. Throughout the scriptures we see example after example of people being kind or generous to someone who was so difficult. I am examining my own i always including? Is my home open to all? Will I invite everybody, even if there are some conflicts? Does the above scripture mean if I intentionally exclude some, it is like excluding Christ? Something to ponder! The ladies I have learned the most from throughout my life have always been the kind that are always including everybody, sort of the more the merrier types! You know the kind of place, where you are always welcome. That home is truly a representation of Christ's all-consuming love!
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So I decided to "open" this for discussion...I'd love to hear your thoughts....
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