Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Shower the people you love... with love...James Taylor

My mom's dear friends all get together for "us" kids when there is something to celebrate...Weddings (in this case), Babies, Books, Birthday's...any old way to celebrate life and each other!
I love these ladies...
Real Joy: Thankfulness in friendship (1Thessalonians 1:2 & II Timothy 1:3)

I thought you'd love these pictures! So many Creative Ideas for Showers!
(You can double click on the pics to make larger don't forget, and to forward just hit forward-for mom's friends- like you would an email! To go to actual blog, hit the grey Inspired Design Blog/Words at top of page)

Ideas to note: *Curly kids straws are fabulous. They come in big packs of 12 for a dollar or two. They are fabulous alone or tied with a bow, with colored lemonade!
*We all always add to regular invitations a bow :)
or as they did above a yellow leaf for "Registry Info"
*My clever mom (ok, where I steal all my ideas from, truth be told)
cut slits in plain white tablemats, and the girls (mom's friends) ran grossgrain ribbon through them!

Simple White Gerbera Daisy's (Favorite! 5 made a big impact)

Ok...celophane is fabulous. How can a gift not look amazing tied with celophane and a big huge bow! Of course, look how beautiful mom and honoree are! (beautiful inside and out!)

Simple and Gorgeous!
Below, ribbons and cake? Yes, easy and gorgeous! I love....

Amazing Mrs. Kriz and Patty! Gorgeous cake and bow (removable, so I am sure will get used again!) Borrowing is a great thing! All those black and white checked items are borrowed from MOI! We are constantly packing and trading b/n my sis, my mom and I. Always celebrating someone or something! (Not big things...simply for the privilege of being alive!)
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