Sunday, May 22, 2011

Jump to the sky, Hannah

Watching the polevaulters and their coach......
Saying I am not a sports girl is understatement? (My dad is probably muttering "prolific understatement" as he reads this) I think sports are so overrated today. All this talk about teaching character and lots of other "stuff"...I'm so over it. Now, don't get me wrong...I like to walk (sometimes even run), ski (if it is 60* and sunny), and watch my kids or friends kids play whatever....As for role models in the sports industry...well, you read the paper....

Polevaulting-- I am all over it! Talk about teaching great character? This is it! The coaches cheer and coach not only their girls, but the girls from the other teams. Our coach (who I will get to in a minute) coaches other girls when their coaches are absent. The coach from Agoura is wonderful to our girls, and when "our" coach Ben, was gone (only once I think) He coached our girls like they were there own. The girls from oppossing team root the other girls on, cheering and hoping for PR's for each other. (Even privately they all hope each other does well, and are actually sad for each other when they don't) Our team, pictured below, is really an amazing group of girls. They root for each other, are sad when one doesn't do well, and thrilled when each other (Kim) does phenomenally well, or when any of them PR, they all run, cheer and, of course, hug!

Ok, are you starting to get the feeling that I love these girls? Well, I do. Last week in Carpenteria we had some close calls, and a hard jump off, which brought me to tears, and brought the girls to....PRAY! See photo below! It got a little nervewracking...I was praying...then I see the girls go huddle up, and pray....Right there on the field. Well, does anything more need to be said? (Jeremiah 29:13)

Ok, I saved the best for the last. Their amazing. He has a quiet and strong way about leading these girls. Leading by example, calm and diligent, teaching them the skills necessary (as 5 went to CIF finals, 1 Alternate), but teaching them teamwork, and things I can't even put to words. I am blessed (as our whole team/parents/grandparents are) by Him and His family for the lessons they taught the girls. I do not say lightly to our coach, his darling wife, and their polevaulter...Our lives are richer because of you! We love you all!

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